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I'm a 40 year old American woman. I Reverted to Islam 15 years ago after marrying a (hardly practicing) Muslim Man from a moderate Muslim country who came to the U.S. (20 yrs ago) to study. I've accepted that Islam is the true religion of God. After 14 years of observing very few Islamic obligations, I decided to learn more about Islam by attending weekly Sisters Halaqa at the Masjid with the Imam and also started regularly attending Jummah prayer. Although my husbands large family is from a Muslim country, I'm currently the only one striving to increase my Eman. I'm hoping to help my husband's family, but so far 2 of his sisters have turned down my request to join me in salah. The other 2 siblings aren't interested either. Since April '11 I now have my young teen sons learning to pray and praying with me on and off. My husband prays on and off and it seems he is only trying to be involved just enough to show the children that he's trying to adhere to Islam. My most important task is to finally allow my sons to know Islam and to learn prayer, Arabic, and all they will need to learn in order to teach their own children. (unlike my husband's up-bringing) I wish my husband understood this responsibility and knew the punishment for not properly teaching our children and not setting a better example of Islamic life for our children. May Allah help us.

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