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my inlaw not accept our marry and they dont like me and not respecting me also,i have my before husband children also,and my husband is loving me soo much but he is not eble to meet me and children because of his parents,and they did my husband 2nd marry also without inform me and to that lady also..they hurtted me soo much,some time thinking i should run away from this life and this situation because i dont want to be with their hateness,i am respecting them too much because of my husband,but how to i gave any forgiveness to anyone because of them only i am sitting without my husband since one year..and my husband lie with his parents like he told to his parents he leaved me,because he want to keep them happy,he wants to hide me from his parents..i dont understand what i will do..our marry is legal but my husband parents is not accepting that..i need answer,what is right and what is wrong,for them and for them and for my husband..

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