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Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle(sws) said, "No child is born but has the Islamic Faith..."

I got pregnant out of wedlock and even though the baby's father  wants to get married to me my mother won't allow it as people will ask questions also the other problem is if I leave my home to be with my baby I won't have my family's support with me they all decided if I leave them I'm dead to them and I can't come back to them. If I give my baby up for adoption it will kill me more as I can't see myself being happy without my baby.


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  1. First both should repent ...I suggest you get married to him as he is ready for it .

  2. Get married to him and dont worry about famly. If u have ur husband u wont need thire support also im sure with time they will change and might eccept u and ur baby. But for now ur first priority is ur baby and having the father with him or her.

  3. Islamically you should get married especially if the man of that child's wants to get married...just perform the simple nikkah ..need 2 male witness or refer to local sunni imam....for are a mother and if it's the safety of your religion and fear of Allah because of some one can stop you because this is for your safety and benifit......don't worry about what people will say ......They are not living your life.......My advice is change your life be a good muslim obey what is halal n understand what is haram So you can live a blessed life.....It is never to late to correct mistakes......Don't worry about parents ...they will come to there sences if Allah wills......make sure be a role model 4 your child n be patient because the test quran daily n get involved with the muslim sisters at mosque or else you will not succeed in life regardless of the intelligence or wealth you might acquire not delay in nikkah because you are only cursing yourself!!!!!!For more knowledge on Islam refer to mufti menk on youtube

  4. Marry the child's father right away and have the baby. Your parents will be angry in the beginning, but eventually they will come around, especially after they see their grandchild, Insha'Allah.

    Wael Editor

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