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Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Assalamualaiqum everyone,

I dont know why these things are happening with me. I am in love with a boy, and he loves me too. But my family is forcing me to get married with another boy. They are scolding me again and again and giving me mental torture.

I am in love with a pakistani boy, who is studying in a medical college. He told me that he cant come here to marry me without completing his MBBS and I have to wait 1 year for it. But my family is forcing me to get married with the person whom they selected for me.

Is this my fault that I am in love? Or is this his fault that he is from Pakistan? I cant live without him, but nobody tries to understand my feelings.


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  1. Force marrage is not valid. Your parents should study Islam. It is the right of children to marray whom they want. If parents have valid reason then explain to there children.

  2. Aoa!
    How do the editors know that the OP is from Bangladesh??? She does not mention it anywhere!
    To the OP: how did you meet this guy? How long have you known him? Where do you live? what do you do? Plz give us some details.

    • Wa alaykum as-salam. Many of the OPs write the titles themselves. Occasionally if the title is too vague we change it, but often we leave it as the OP wrote it.

      Wael Editor

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