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Being avoided after istikhara

English Translation of the Dua for Istikhaarah

Dua for Istikhaarah

i am considering someone for marriage .i have done istikhara many times i have also prayed tahajjud for that purpose but i didn't see any dream or anything . the only thing that has happened is that recently that person is trying to avoid me . i have noticed that. it seems as if he doesn't care about me anymore. our families have met also and he has started avoiding me after that i have sensed this thing . i have asked him many times what's wrong he says nothing. i don't know what to do  . should i take this as sign or something?

please guide me .


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  1. Istekhara has nothing to do with dreams in general. It's prayer like all other duas. And it has been answered most probably. Because as the wording of the prayer are: "distance it, if it is not good for me and replace it with what is better for me."

    Dream can be a sign too, but it is one of the ways; istekhara prayer is answered. I want to share my experience of Istekhara. I got interested in one of my classmates. I offered istekhara prayer. And almost immediately, some incidents happened that completely took her away from my radar and replaced by my ex, who I had been in relationship for long.

  2. I'm sorry for your issues
    In my opinion if the person is becoming distant from you

    at least just one time ask them that what is the problem

    and the reason for their distance and their family distance

    just ask him only once

    whether it be on phone email Etc

    let them give whatever the explanation that can give

    and do not push them just listen to them reflectively

    there is nowhere you can persuade them to change their mind

    because it seems like they made up their mind

    because they are avoiding

    you don't take it personally

    it happens all the time that's the way of the world

    also this you should ask them," is there anything I have done
    or my family has done to make you feel offended?

    if there is then I'm really sorry for it. I'm noticing you and your family are not speaking to us. "

    say that only once

    don't say it again and again

    it will make you look needy and desperate

    then wait for the response

    if they don't respond it means they are superficial and they like to play with your emotions

    If they give response just listen

    Perhaps they heard a rumor about you
    And they belive it
    And they are avoiding you and
    Your family

    Silence can be often louder than words

    Take the hint move on
    Make yourself busy in life
    get yourself a new hobby

    dressed more beautifully
    show more interest in your education
    try to go out with your friends be more and be more lively and outgoing
    U will certainly attract somebody new into your life

    It is the difficult situations
    that show people's true intention and nature

    I myself had the same experience more than once

    I get it
    I know how you feel

    Good luck

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