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Being Punished For Blasphemy?


last year i was working as a part time . i was very much worried about  financial problems and my broken married life. my boss was an arrogant person, he shouted at me and in reply i said some horrible things about religion and Makkah. i was kicked out of job with the warning and curses.

time changed but last week i went through a life taking  incident. from that time till now, my thoughts are haunting me that it is happening due to blasphemy which i did and Allah is punishing me. i am torn and i am ashamed. i was very much disappointed last year and i crossed my limits . how to seek repentance?

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  1. salam Alaikum
    Please repent to Allah, cry and start offering your prayers properly
    He will forgive you Insha Allah..

    Never do that again.

    Allah is the one who gives us sustenance, Things will work out about the job insha Allah .
    Do astaghfar in abundance as it opens ways for rizq and reduces anxiety

  2. Asalamu Alaykum wa rahmatulaalhi wa barakatuhu my dear brother.

    Please listen to this video, insha'Allah your mind will be at test, insha'Allah.

    May He guide you and forgive you and shower you with His Mercy, Ameen

  3. just ask almighty to forgive you from sincere heart

  4. just ask almighty to forgive you from sincere heart

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