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Being sent inappropriate pictures

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When i was fourteen ,an older man kept trying to talk to me ,i presume he didnt know my age as it was over text and it escalated to him sending me inappropriate 'naked' pictures of himself which to this day i am still scared of Allah SWT and asking for his forgivness for if i have done anything wrong.I never sent any inappropriate pictures back as the furthest i sent was pictures of half my face showing my tshirt at the max. I blocked him instantly after it was done.I am extremely scared if i have done something wrong.


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  1. if you did not say him sent you his naked pictures then you did not anything wrong and you did very good to block him and you are good girl and muslima that you scared from punishment of ALLAH you do tawbah and repent for have haram relationship and please would not haram relationship with any guy I future and try to close to ALLAH and focus on your study and do not waste your time engaging with guys.

  2. WHy u scared, u did nothing wrong! It is shame on HIM!!

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