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Does a disease like bipolar come from Allah and is it curable?

10 commandments of mental healthAssalamoeliakum,

I just have a question about taking medications and being diagnosed with a mental illness. Does a disease like bipolar come from Allah and is it curable? My family is trying to convince me that it is and I have to live with it. I do not want to take the meds because the side effects make me feel worse and I have tried many meds. I want to make a lifestyle change. They say it is a chemical imbalance in the brain but I don't believe it is. I hate it when doctors and family members compare it to a diabetics need for insulin, because it is completely different. Also, nobody in my family supports me off the meds. I am forced to take them and monitored daily.

They scrutinize my emotions and sometimes provoke me to outbursts when I have tried off. I have stopped before and been hospitalized a few times years ago. I believe it's the environment I live in that causes me to react if anything. I live with my parents and siblings, my family is not religious and they have their own drama issues daily. My best friend is the only person who believes in me and knows my heart. She knows my personality and that I am not crazy. The meds are holding me back I have no energy or intrest to do anything. (ex. work ,excercise)


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  1. Walaikum salam Bro,

    One you must clear all the disease from allah and he cures, the thing we must trust him. Insha allah I can Understand your feeling and pressure you are facing.

    The cure from allah from two way one is from him and another from the world. what we are facing in this world will heal our sins and it will give the way to jannah, dont think about your illness and try to over come from what you are ( so kindly provide your country and profession) i will answer you based on the way.


    • Salam you are right that your family dramas are causing you to react in this way. Stress and arguing are v bad for this illness. If you can find a less stressful environment or if you need family around you then stay. Medication is v imp. Esp important to not stop straight away but slowly with doctor advise. U need a v calm life before doing this. Even then there are risks. And perhaps after time ill ness may return. You can decide if it is worth it. Most imp is ur faith, pray salah, fasting helps but check ur meds, I cn fast sometimes only. Make dua, dont feel sad. With every illness so many good things come and your sins are being forgiven. I have seen so many gd things because of it eg hidayat for one. Read and listen to Quran. It helps a lot.
      Do a small course if you feel ok. Exercise get gd sleep v imp. Eat fish or have fish oil supplements , not too much coffee cola.
      take care. I will make dua for you

      • Salam,

        If sins are being forgiven does that mean that the person has committed many sins,therefore God is giving them a disease as a form of punishment?

        • Illness is not a punishment from Allah. It is a trial and a test, and a means of purifying the soul.


        • Assalamualaikum. It’s very interesting to notice that all Islamic “ Thinking “ keep repeating the word” sins” in every of explanation about Life. This itself is depressing & a negative attitude of Islam. Islam is a Positive Code of Living. We are not here to sin in this worl. Allah made us all to come out successfully through different experiences & leaving behind a lesson,while fulfilling HIS PLAN for this planet Earth.
          A bundle of negative thoughts are derailing the process of Thinking,when one experiences Mental illness. Many ayad of Quran has mentioned about it. There is cure for everything...
          You can contact me for further details on the above mentioned email.Its an extensive discussion to be on line.

          • could you please give me your mail id. please help me. my brother is suffering from bipolar, and we are undrgoing this trial from 2 years. please send help me about this. i couldnot find your mail id to contact

          • Sorry but we do not allow the exchange of private contact info.


        • Yes it is a test but also a way to cancel sins. Allah swt loves those he tests.

  2. Dear Purple, Walaykumsalaam,

    Bi-Polar is a chemical imbalance that is caused by genetics and influenced by environment. It is not curable, but Alhumdulillah it is controllable with the right medication and the right counselling/psychotherapy and family support. Just as diabetes is a physical health problem, bi-polar is a mental health problem - they both require medical attention. Any knowledge that a doctor has is from Allah and any medicine that is prescribed will work only by Allah's leave. Bi-polar is a medical condition and you are not crazy.

    Likewise, when we are afflicted by weakness of emaan, what do we do? We seek spiritual healing through improving our ibaadah and connection with Allah(swt). It is the same thing - all cure is by the leave of Allah alone but we have to seek the means.

    In your case sister, it will help you immensely to use your logic - the blood tests are showing that there is a chemical imbalance, the test results don't lie. Accepting this will be your first step to leading a healthier quality of life. It will also benefit you to understand and accept that the doctors are on your side, they want to help you and even though they had to section and hospitalize you against your will, it was done to protect you and those around you. It will benefit you if you co-operate with the medical professionals and work with them. Allow yourself time for the medicines to take affect. I know this may be difficult for you, because one of the symptoms of bi-polar is that the person does not believe they have a problem or they do not believe the full extent of the problem - this is because the chemical imbalance distorts one's perception of reality. So I can only hope that you will trust the doctors for your own sake.

    Another side affect of the medicine is that you may very feel sleepy and this affects your ability to maintain a normal daily routine. But the positives of taking medicine for bi-polar heavily outweigh the negatives. Once the medicines start taking affect, you will learn with the help of professionals to develop a routine to fit in your studies or employment etc. If you refuse to take your medication, you are risking your own health and will most likely end up in hospital again.

    I know this is hard for you. It feels undignifying when you are not in control. But you can have a degree of control the sooner you accept the reality and co-operate with the doctors. What you are going through is difficult for you and for your family. Most likely they have never experienced such a situation before and I am sure they care. If they did not care, they would not bother whether you took your medication or not. Just as you need help to deal with this upheaval in your life, your family need help in understanding your condition so they can cope and at the same time help you in the best way possible.

    It is not easy on either of you, I know this because my own sister suffers from bi-polar disorder. Doctors said that the bi-polar gene existed in her since she was in my mother's womb although it was dorment. But certain family events topped off by father's death triggered off her actual condition when she was about 16 years old. She is a very sweet, humble and pious girl, but her behaviour became completely out of character. She was diagnosed with bi-polar/manic depression but like you, she fought against the doctors for a long time and was hospitalized several times. Each time she would fume with rage because in her mind she believed she had been tortured and treated badly by the medics and her family. But this was not the case at all. We had daily arguments because she would always refuse to take her medication, she would feel drowsy and sleepy and this affected her education. She was unable to continue with her A-levels, she put on alot of weight and she suffered alot of depression as her plans for her future came to a stand still while her friends moved on, went to uni, got married had kids etc. At the same time, it was painful and frustrating for us (her family) to see her going through this. I for one, was not very patient with her in the beginning and instead of helping her to calm down, I'd argue back in an attempt to reason. But over time, I realised that there was not poing trying to reason with her while she was in a state of relapse. I and my family needed help to learn how to respond to my sister's behaviour but we didnt get any and I know this cannot have helped her at that time.

    BUT, alhumdulillah, over time, she began accepting the situation, that was the best thing for her and we as a family started changing the way we responded to her. She continued to pursue her desire to work with children, so she took up college courses in child care, worked hard to find work - paid or voluntary doing what she loved doing - teaching young children. That was a difficult field for her to get into due to her condition, but she persevered and always managed to find herself busy with some school or masjid project maasha'Allah. It was not what she had initially dreamed of, as she wanted to study teaching at university, but she did the best she could with her situation and achieved so much albeit through an amended route and goal.

    Now she is married and has a lovely son maasha'Allah. It has not been at all easy, but my family and I keep striving to help and support her because if she comes off her meds, she relapses and ends up in hospital. That is the most mentally and physically draining experience ever for us all - including for her. So we support her and her husband maasha'Allah is great may Allah reward him, and she is doing very well now. The key to her current quality of life (after the Mercy of Allah), is her acceptance of her condition and her co-operation.

    So I urge you to accept the reality as it is. Co-operate with the medics and ask for counselling/psychotherapy and therapy for your family so they can understand their own feelings and yours too. It will help them to cope better and to help you too. There is no reason why you cannot lead a good quality of life. Insha'Allah you can. And remember, your family and the doctors are on your side.

    SisterZ Editor

    • This is a beautiful response Mashallah! May Allah reward you sister Z for the role you played in assisting your sister, the sister above and everybody who gains any knowledge from this.

    • Masha Allah...the way u answer alhamdullah....may allah bring you more knowledge towards islam.

    • Great job Sister Z! You give me hope 🙂

    • Dear SisterZ.

      I really enjoyed reading your response, it really helped me and made me feel better
      Alhamdulilah. i have Bipolar and I will be steadfast inshala.



    • Ma sis is suffering the same..pls help me...em totally lost maself

      • Check out this site the muslim sister who created it is her self bipolar and is trying to help other muslims going through the same thing

        • Dear sister Z,

          This was a very good read for me. My brother has bi-polar and we (our family) went through a very similar situation.

          Alhamdulillah my brother is accepting his condition and this are slowly but surely getting better. Praise be to Allah (SWT)

          Thank you!

    • Aoa, its really inspiring to get know about those who are striving well against the medical issues. I myself facing a severe issue regarding my husband. after being married just six months ago. i realized the fact that my husband is suffering of this bipolar disorder. Although i am deciding to leaving him but even after this decision i am feeling guilt on being leaving him due to this very reason. In a confused state of mind.

    • It is March 25, 2016 and my sibling was involuntarily confined today. My sibling suffers too from bipolar disorder. It has been a very difficult decision but what happened today was terrible and we had no choice. Ya Allah... Reading you reply gave me hope. Thank you very much, sister. May Allah bless you more. May Allah keep our loved ones safe and aid us towards compassion and healing. He is the Most Merciful.

    • Just i correction , bipolar depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain , there is no blood test that you can do to show that you are bipolar . I too have a bipolar family member . And i too understand that the person who is bipolar must take their meds even if their are side effects there are other meds that she can switch to which may not have the same effect . But the person must be on their meds all the time .

    • Hello although I don't have answers for the original question, I do have a question to the sister who answered her with the same situation. My sister is going through the same thing but she is in denial , she was diagnosed with depression but now I believe it bipolar. Her husband also is bipolar and she is struggling with him , but as I read your story I believe that she is also bipolar because she attacks us verbally when we try to say anything good or bad . She keeps pushing all of us further but I am so worried about her but the rest of the family are hurt and don't want anything to do with her . I keep praying and making dua for her and her husband. Inshallah thanks for sharing your story and may Allah heal all the sick

    • thanks for sharing real thinks.. but most of the time family members dont know /bothered what it is...!!

    • jazakAllah khairen..good support

    • thank you for your answer...may allah relieve you off your brother is also affected with bipolar...will ou please help me with some duas wich you found effective fro bipolar

    • Assalamualaikum SisterZ,

      Hi, I'm Ami from Indonesia, writing this in 2021. LOL... I find this thread is important for me.

      I had one roommate who is suffering bipolar since our postgraduate study. During our time together in Uni, she was an "A-student" studying hard and a high achiever person. Long short story, she's got married and was extremely happy. That's was the time when the Bipolar Syndrome (BS) diagnosis came, after she's hospitalized for 1 month in Mental Hospital.

      She also has this kind of complaining similar to Purple did. She doesn't like the stable mood (flat mood) and drowsiness effect of her meds. So, she reduces meds without proper consultation with her doctors. She doesn't have an adequate time of sleeping. She doesn't exercise regularly and eat balanced diet.

      Unfortunately, my friend doesn't get proper supports from her family. Her husband losses his patience during their 3rd year of marriage. She's stubborn and anxious about her family's problems in her hometown, eg. money, jerk siblings, toxic parenthood etc. And then her husband gave her back to her family... And not to be surprised, she's in manic-depressive phase again due to the lack of proper medication provided by her family.

      I had tried to inform her mother about the science of BS and the importance of taking medication regularly. Her mother gains little knowledge on BS... But still, she's trying to be her own doctor for herself... Last time I called my friend, and told her the same things like what you've written. Like the diabetes, hypertension, about controlling the sugar level or blood pressure. But, she set fire on our conversation. I just didn't know how to respond her with the awareness of her BS. Reading the Purple's question realizes me that it's normal for people with BS to be angry hearing that kind of stuff (long life medication and the side effects).

      I think this time, I will do the same like other friends, to keep distance until her mood calmed down.
      I keep praying for her, so Allah will open her heart accepting this gift from Allah, and I hope she has the proper support from her family.

      • Asalamualaykum SIster Ami,

        I'm sorry to hear about your friend with Bipolar Disorder. Many people with this disorder have to literally hit rock bottom before they are open to staying on medication. As Muslims, we believe that "for every disease is a cure." So far in the history of medicine, doctors and researchers have identified mood stabilizers such as Lithium and Depakote as remedies for this conditions, along with regular psychotherapy.

        As hard as it is for you, distancing yourself from your friend at reasonable intervals and praying for her recovery might be the best things you can do for her, because recovery may require that she first "hit bottom" and learn for herself what that feels like. If she is suffering greatly before taking medication, there is a higher chance of her sticking with her medication regiment than if she is being forced into taking pills by doctors or family members. So it's part and parcel of the bipolar "experience" if you will, that she go through a tremendous low before she accepts medicine.

        The only reason for which I would push for her to go to the hospital is if she is suffering a great deal, if she is threatening suicide, or is becoming psychotic (all of these can be symptoms of bipolar). In those cases, if she refuses to go inpatient, you should get the police or law enforcement involved in seeking an involuntary admission to the hospital.

        You sound like a caring person, and I'm sure you will not give up on your friend altogether. She is going through a very difficult test but everything is temporary. Inshallah one day, she will be amenable to treatment.



  3. SisterZ,

    Beautiful answer!


  4. Asalamalykm,May Allah make light your burden,although this condition may be to do with chemical imbalance or genetics,try to be be strong and. Remember this hadith of the Messenger(p.b.u.h) Narrated Khalid bin Sad:
    We went out and Ghalib bin Abjar was accompanying us. He fell ill on the way and when we arrived at Medina he was still sick. Ibn Abi 'Atiq came to visit him and said to us, "Treat him with black cumin. Take five or seven seeds and crush them (mix the powder with oil) and drop the resulting mixture into both nostrils, for 'Aisha has narrated to me that she heard the Prophet saying, 'This black cumin is healing for all diseases except As-Sam.' Aisha said, 'What is As-Sam?' He said, 'Death."

    I've heard that listening to Quraan also helps with personality disorders.

  5. Salam,

    I am also a bipolar patient. My genes were turned on when i was 14. Initially (first few years), i thought I am the only one with such a disorder. I was not diagnosed then but i used to maintain a diary for all my phases. Anyway, thats besides the point, I have been treated for almost 23 years now and none of the medicines really worked for me. May be it is bad luck or what but i have seen other bipolar patients who are really happy with their meds. My suggestion is, if medicines help u, suit u, take it regularly with the believe that Allah will heal you and also recite Surah Zuha (Wad Duha, wal laile iza saja), it helps me above all. Memorize it, recite it in your prayers, also recite Surah Sharah (alam nashrah laka sadrak). Dr. Israr ul Haq mentioned these surahs in one of his bayans and mentioned that his father had this illness and he used to recite these surahs and got help. I also get a great relief specially when i listen to the translation. To understand and believe that Allah is helping, is one thing and to experience it is a totally different level and i promise, u will feel it when u recite them or listen to them (in voice of qari). I have downloaded an app on my phone, Quran Urdu, i slected these two surahs only and i try to play them when i am driving, it has an option to turn on urdu translation. Try it, and if u feel better (which i am 100% sure, u will insh' Allah), make dua for me too.

    Good luck

    • Jamisa, thanks so much for your comment and for sharing your experience. I removed your email address, as we don't allow the exchange of private contact information.

      Wael Editor

      • Aoa. i also need a view that is it easy for bipolar pateints to live a normal married life? I am really feeling it tough as well as a very challenging job. Genetically shifted in my husband...lot of fears and concerns for the future life. As only six months ago i got married with him. Need suggestions.

        • Joji I dont think you should rush to divorce him after all you did and most likely do still love him i think you should ask your dr for help . My family member once told me that they spoke to their dr about marriage and what he said was that he had other bopolar patients who came in with their spouse and they did get along . Listen i understand that this may be very new to you and you may be frustrated but the key is to get him help . What he needs is your love , to care for him make sure that he takes his meds on time and regularly goes to the dr to get his condition under control . The way you talk about it seems that you did not know that he was bipolar before or he is having some kind of mood swing and this is the first time you are seeing it . Read up about bipolar depression online , talk to your dr . And of particular help is talking to people you know under similar curmstances check out it may help

          • Yeah I consulted his doctor that doctor himself said me to leave him. Rather than to live in misery. His doctor shared his all history with me. He was very old diagnosed with this problem. It's a genetic problem in him. His mother is also schizophrenic from more than 45 years. And still she got manic attacks. Likewise he is suffering of schzioafffective pheneria . I was really very disappointed when his doctor said me these things. But time goes on. Neither he was ready not his family was accepting his diesease. So I leave him forever. It's was a good decision or not. Only time will tell me. Thank you for your words. My views were not different than yours when I first realized of his problem. But things went opposite.

    • thanks....really these surah working amazing... same as in my case both surah with meaning too helpful. once i realized the power of Surah Luha surah:93 i avoid medicine and adjusting without medicines.

  6. Thank you Sister Z! You give the most helpful and compassionate answers on this website!

  7. Hi very first plz tell me hw is ur health Ms purple

  8. Wasalm...Dear Ms purple...even i suffered from bipolar sickness n also been hospitalized so its not a big deal....i ws suffering this prob from my teenage Bt no one diagnosed it in my teen i had committed suicide cos i ws not understanding what is goin in my head n this all happened 'coz my father was very strict.....i don't wanna go in detail....Bt after that i just became very lonely kind of girl n later finished my education n selected teaching profession n dedicated my life to my profession after that got engaged Bt due to my past that engagement dint work that time nobody knew i was bipolar they just use to say negative things about me inside i only knew i am pure n never did ne thing wrong or dirty....after that i ws broken Bt still dint leave my profession....than llife ws beautiful Bt very lonely 'coz no control on thots n till than inside i understood one thing that i m different n mind need peace at my life ws school tutions n home use to hv good sleep...than after very long my Mr Perfect came in my life n i got married n after that i had a major nervouse break down 'coz of mental tourcer by my inlaws n after at the age of 30 i was diagnosed as bipolar wch still my parents don't except Bt me n my husband excepted.
    For me my husband is angle on earth becoz he understood my prob n wz my Dr he also studied my situation....n i will not lie my will power ws so strong that i had medicines only for a month becoz sumwher like all patients

    • in sha Allah.. Allah will make everything easy
      in my case my family members and my wife dont know exact thing... before i dignosed with doctor and now last 6 years am adjusting without medicines, but with feeling too stress and mood swing

      • how long did u have medicines?

        • I am off medication few months for pregnancy . No relapse. It is possible to be off meds and be well but it depends on lot of things. You need strong faith, support, not v stressful life. I will take lithium soon In Shaa Allah just to try to prevent relapse after birth. Sometimes it's v necessary to have meds. It also depends on type of bi polar. Stopping meds can be v risky too. Can u change meds , lower dose. The feelings you have prob from side effects. Make dua. . Are u married . A pious husband can make a lot of difference too

  9. Like all other patients i also hate medicines Bt medicines r very important in my case i made exercise (to balances that so called chemical)my medicines n try to keep myself busy n it ws nt atall easy for me it too too tuff Bt i ws n still stubborn Bt alhhumduilah by the grace of Allah almighty m fit n fine i try to do lots of reading n like one brother said i also read quran in English....
    Bt still i hv sometime floods of negative thots wch is tuff to deal wz Bt what to do Allah knows everything....
    Do keep me in ur prayers n try to gv good tips to avoid negativity ......
    THANK U Maasalama....

  10. Salamwalykum.i am 17.i am a boy .i dont if i am suffering frm bipolar bt some times i get the feeling of bipolar .i am taking medicines for obsessions&depressions.may allah give me eemaan to pray &take medicines

    • @ Abdul Rahman:


      I think u shud ask ur Dr to tell u wut ur diagnosis is and tel him ur symptoms. Be sure to be completely honest cuz that will help them in better treating u. Its not untreatable u just have to get the rite help.
      InshAllah u will be better dnt wrry .


  11. my question is how is it good to take meds , if you can get diabetes and kidney problems , and cause more side effects without cure , what is the option of dealing with the illness without meds if meds are not helping did anyone actually get managed from the chemical imbalance and didnt relapse or managed a healthy life with meds , how will antidepressent , anti psychotic and a mood stabilizers be a medication you have to live with , who said that Its a genetic link and what's the options of you living with the illness without meds

    • @alhumdulillah People who have bipolar depression need meds . Without meds they fall in to a lot of evil like sucide , going to a mental hospital . Damaging relationships with friends family and colleagues. Bipolar people need thair meds

  12. Salaam all,
    I'm 28 years old and I found out 2 years ago that I'm bipolar. I can't write my complete story because it is extremely long vivid interesting and will be very helpful for all bipolars in combating their ilness. I will IA write a book. Anyway in brief let me tell all you friends of mine that eventhough this disease is in us since birth and taking only medications will not help you it can suppress disease a luttle but not wipe it clean. Trust me when I say this because I have lived a nightmare of a life with demons, depression, sadness, suicidal thoughts and hopelessness. My first trigger happened when I was 15 and my life completely rotated upside down, from white to black from positive to negative from happiness to endless misery and tears. Doctors couldn't exactly tell what it was because I also used to hallucinate so they diagnosed me of mood disorder but I thought it was schizophrenia. Time went on I was leading a useless dull depressed life at such a young age and was on heavy dose of medications that included anti depressants anti psychotics sleeping pills and mood stabilizers. In this state i have most of my life where my studies got effected i dropped out of school i couldnt keep my job i was becoming alienated and my social life became to deteriorate. I had episodes of seasonal depression mostly in winters and then started happening in the summers. I was getting sick of my condition and wanted a way out I wanted to end this never ending cycle. I started having suicidal thoughts my brain was controlling me and I had no command over my life. My brain cursed God for making me like this and I became an alcoholic since it distracted me and calmed me down. It was like a medicine for me for the longest time. I used to question and often thought to myself why am I the only one with this curse and whether God really exist because at this point I thought he didn't. My parents were worried scared about me because I kept telling them that I don't exist and I'm dead they took me to doctors and spiritual healers but nothing helped. I had given up hope completly and was just breathing eating and living without any aim or goal in life I never planned anything went where ever the wind blew me. Almost 3 years ago again without planning I started going to a non profit Montessori for the underprivileged my friends started since it was close to my house and I felt wanted there even though I did not do much but I had a sense of purpose starting to build within me. This is the time when my life started to change and I was coming back to life. Slowly I was changing and the positivity of that place and the people there were energizing me and healing me. Something really amazing and miraculous happened i fell in love there and that love transformed into something incredible. I fell in love with a girl and that love transformed into the Love of Allah. One night was a complete alcoholic and the other day i started praying all 5 namaz. The feeling was so intense and magnificent that mere words cannot explain it. I became a believer eversince this shift of paradigm. The feeling was so powerful that only one emotion remain and that was love and everything else was non existant. I am now a firm believer in God and all i want to say is that confine in him for He truly is the best of all planners. God gave me strenth to battle my desease and now Alhamdulilah the only medine i take is a mood stabilizer and even my shrink think its a miracle. But to be very honest the actual medicine that i consume is namaz and recitation of Quran. A brotherly advice to everyone with this disease is that no one can understand you only you and your God knows whats happening in your head. Never give up, never lose hope, always think positive eventhough sometimes its really hard. If your on.meds psychotherapy and exercise is equally important but most important is your will and your faith in God. The whole universe is inside you, no need to go anywhere for help ask your God to help you with a pure heart and He will make you the most fortunate person on earth. And incase you guys dont know bipolars are geniuses so put that genius of yours too good use
    You have the power to overcome your illness and use it to your advantage. Thank you i hope this will prove helpful for i had to keep it as brief as possible. May Allah bless you all

  13. Hi I am new to the religeon of islam and suffer from bipolar before i joined islam and became muslim i lived a life of crime and did some very evil things. then one day i became bipolar i changed alot i couldnt live the criminal life i used to live due to the illness paranoia raceing thoughts deppresion anxiety and whole lot more of symptoms i started to beleive in god when this happend i think this is because i felt so low and as no one else undertood me i sated to pray to god that i would become my self again but the thing is i was a violent person with a bad temper id been through alot in my life of crime i have seen alot of evil things done to people and also done evil to people this effected my mind made me a violent person makeing me have urges hurt people when affended me or my family or took the piss in any way shape or form this meens i was praying to god to make me like that again because i thought it was normal to be like i have found islam i know the truth the type of person u must be and what i must do to enter paradise but my thoughts are constantly raceing i am always pictureing my self the evil i have seen and the evil i have done i carnt get these out of my head each time i get into a routine of praying 5 times a day and im feeling good a picture will come into my head then i start thinking i am cursed by allah and move away from the religeon and begin thinking about being normal again its like im in the middle allah has left me now and the devil is waiting for me i am seeing a mental health specialist on tuesday and i am hopeing that they will prescribe me with something that is going to help me be able to be a proper muslim sometimes when i read the quran i beleive it is refering to me when it sez those who are cursed think they beleive but they do not believe at one point it got to the point where i was scared to read the quran and pray because i didnt want to accept this reality all i want to do is b the best muslim i can be but i carnt with a 100 negative thoughts hitting me every 10 minutes i think im a demon i hope i am not doomed to hell and that i can make it to heaven rite now im thinking because im writeing this allah will ease my pain i dont expect for any one to have an answer for me but these thoughts are my reality and i just think theres no point in liveing if i carnt make it to heaven thanks for reading and may allah keep you all on the straight path and nevery make anyone like me.

    • Dear brother Ali,
      I can completey understand what your going through right now because believe it or not I've been through the same. I thought God hated me and im possesed by thr devil and im condemned to hell. No matter what i did no matter how many times i prayed or read or heard the quran nothinh seemed to help amd thr negativity remained foe longest time of my life. But brother do not worry do not be scared i know that your reality seems to be like a living nightmare a horror story in reality. All you have to do is remain strong and eventhough its really hard to have positive thaughts in such conditions but try. Do charity even if its just a smile, try being a good person hear a good recitation of the Quran. And if you are really that hungry for a better a renewed happy life bow down before God and cry your heart out. God only test you in accordance to how much you can bear not more, because he created you and believe me when i say this he knows your deepest of intentions because he is with you all the time. So dont be scared if you get evil thaughts its something natural with bipolars. Your mind is weak and vulnerable right now but your heart and soul has the power to heal it cure it and conquer all fears. So dont lose hope and put your faith in God for he loves you more than you can ever imagine. Ill pray for you InshAllah youl be just fine.

      Love ,

    • Salam.dear brother,alhamdulillah,we are the Muslims by chance but you became a Muslim by are lot better than us.Allah loves those who repent after doing sins.imaan is between hope and fear.Allah give us what we expect.pls expect good things.INshaallah your problems will be solved.say alhamdulillah ala kulli haal.

    • brother everything will be ok.. all for the reason. just you recite quran chapter 93 and 94 with meaning may it will help, these helped me too

  14. thanks for that neo didnt think anyone would get back to me needed to read that really appreciate it. inshalla i will be able to please allah become strong and help others be guided to the true religeon islam im not going to give in!

  15. Salam. I am 27 years old male and a doctor. I am bipolar since 4 years. Being a doctor helped me a lot coming in terms with my disease and accepting it. I am a Muslim and i accept the fact that Allah can heal my disease if he wishes. But this is a test for me in this life that he gave me the disease. Your disease will never go away if u keep praying whatsoever. Ok. Praying helps just in a sense that it gives u peace of mind. Being a doctor and bipolar myself, i would suggest all brothers and sisters with bipolar to stick to their medicines strictly throughout life. People think that it is only the mania that is bothersome to bipolars.but Along with antipsychotics consult ur doctor about a mood stabilizer like divalproex sodium especially with less side effects. It will prevent u slipping into depression and u can lead a healthy normal life. You cant prayer away bipolar. Stick to ur meds and accept the disease as a test from Allah. And along with that u can always recite Quran for peace of mind and strength. May Allah bless u all. Ameen

  16. brothers and sisters of islam i need your help im really confused I don't know weather im a muslim or not to start my story i need to tell you what brought me to islam i always believed in god although i never followed any particular religion but about 5 years ago i began to suffer from bipolar i began to question life and my existence during this time i was very confused nothing made sense to me i was ill i couldnt understand why all of sudden i was questioning life when evrything had made sense before in my own little bubble before life had just been about material things this dunya and that had made sense but then all of a sudden that didnt make sense and life had this deeper meening dureing this time period i heard things about christianity but it didnt make sense to me how they worshipped jesus peace be upon him i had always believed god was god and jesus pbuh was jesus pbuh a messanger of god dureing this time period i would have hallucinations of judgement day where the sky would flash i didnt tell any one about these hullicnationsi kept them to my self i would prey to god to make me back to my self again but that would never happen dureing this time period i moved into a non practiseing muslim household although they were none practiseing they told me alot about islam and everything that i heard seemed to make sense to cut a long story short i ended up takeing my shahada and becomeing muslim basically my question to you is am i a muslim because i get alot of whispers that tell me that i amnot and that i am just crazy it really bothers me and comes in beetween my prayers thaks for takeing the time to read jazakallah

    • @ ali abas you took the shadah you are muslim , plz remember to read the sallah . Make sure you go to the Dr if you are seeing and hearing things it may be something more serious than bipolar depression . You are not held accountable for the things that you do while you are not sane , until you become sane you seem to be going in and out . At the very worst for the people who are completely insane their test will not come on earth but on the day of judgement where allah will show them the fire ( hell ) and order them to go in and if they do it he will make it cool for them and send them to paradise , and id they refuse they would get to go to hell . But you dont seem to be that far gone so . Yes you are muslim and the major thing you must do is the sallah and plz go to a Dr let them diagnose and treat you

  17. Hello friends,

    My sister is having in trouble.

    • Nadeem, I removed the rest of your comment. Please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

    • Religion helps a great deal. In calming you helping you forgive and giving you peace. Perhaps bi polar can be cured depending on person. Some ppl have different levels of tolerance to stress, hormones or life changes. You have to know urself v well. Keep away frm stress, follow Islam properly. I am off meds now for a while. Have not had relapse. But you have to see how you are how supportive family is. Medication has a lot of side effects which often make things worse but for many ppl it prevents relapse. Marriage to the right person can help a lot and staying away from drink / drugs getting good rest. Then it is possible to stay well and in some cases even without medication. HAVE FAITH IN ALLAH. For all illness there is expiation of your sins. It may well be a blessing/ test or lead to other good things in life like it has 4 me. Read surah al kahf boat story.

  18. I really agree that everything in Almighty hand&His blessings can make life heaven&true families of bipolar disorder does not support,luv&cooperation can give life but in materialistic world even family want to get rid of bipolar disorder member|&compel to end life,i have seen myself how so called brothers&family members are,

  19. medications or prayers never work, god doesn't love me anymore and i am waiting for death to come

    • "medications or prayers never work, god doesn't love me anymore"

      You are wrong. Allah's love is boundless, and all prayers are heard and answered in one form or another if you are sincere.

      Wael Editor

    • Just sounds like you are really depressed , go to your Dr let him recomend meds eg an anti depressant or mood stabilizer and you will feel fine , seriously try it , younhave nothing to loose

  20. Then you mean, we need to live our whole life fighting those thought? Is it? I accept that but it makes me feel like there's no hope to live normally. I just take the medicine, after that I was very happy, thought that every suffering in my life have come to the end. I got plan to earn money but now those crappy thought when over me again. What am I suppose to do. I feel really hopeless. I've quit my study years ago due to depression, almost suicide there. Joining a training program now but can't do well also. This depression suddenly went again. Just now I know that it's due to bipolar. I accept it but somehow I wonder if I've could ever be normal again. And wonder how my life will be. I'm afraid of making decision. Feels like those come from stupidity of my brain and cause my life to chaos.

    • @ Nura yes , sounds about right , your meds are not working as they should they need adjusting makesure you check with your Dr and tell him about the mood swings

      I am surprised that no one has said it yet bipolar disorder is a test from allah bear with it and he will reward you insha Allah. Some of the same meds that treat bipolar drpression are also used to treat Epilepsy and there is the hadith with the woman with epilepsy
      Ibn ‘Abbas once said to me (’Ata bin Abi Rabah),

      “Shall I show you a woman of the people of Paradise?”

      I said, “Yes.”

      He said, “This black lady came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said, ‘I get attacks of epilepsy and my body becomes uncovered; please invoke Allah for me.’ The Prophet (peace be upon him) said (to her), ‘If you wish, be patient and you will have (enter) Paradise; and if you wish, I will invoke Allah to cure you.’ She said, ‘I will remain patient,’ and added, ‘but I become uncovered, so please invoke Allah for me that I may not become uncovered.’ So he invoked Allah for her.”

      Bukhari :: Book 7 :: Volume 70 :: Hadith 555

      So be patient perhaps your bipolar depression is a means for you to enter jannah

    • @ sure is up and down so we need to adjust both stages in life
      am also feeling same .. bi polar

      same as your issue

      but hope in Allah... put trust on him

  21. Sister Z u done great job. But i want to add more thing in reply that pray namaz regularly .recite holy Quran especially Surat rehman and Surat yaseen daily in the morning and surah baqarah last 2 ayat in sleeping time. And eat desi honey if available in the morning half teaspoon 3 times in a month starting days.according to Quran o sunnah .o ahadees .thanks

    • I was baptised christian but did not accept it nor the idea of organized religion. However I had faith and bipolar introduced me to Allah. I had a severe bipolar episode where i ended up in the woods at night lost in the dark. I tried to make my way out and fell in a river, it was freezing because it was october. I clawed my way out half of my body soaked and freezing. I lay by a tree with hypothermia setting in. I had never felt so alone, i didnt want to die alone so i prayed. I hadnt prayed in many years, at first i said things like dear lord save me, it felt like i was begging, it felt forged. I remembered my friend Karim and our talks about faith and how he struggled with schizophrenia. I was shivering violently, and in a rhythmic tone i repeated allah u akbar, hundreds of times. I needed Allah, I needed God, I felt so alone. I was freezing, my feet and legs numb, i decided I was ready to go, i took off my coat and my shirt and kept repeating looking up at the stars, they grew closer, the closest I'd ever seen them. The shivering stopped, my hands blue, feet ice and felt my heart rate slow. I wasnt able to go. I put the jacket back on and fell asleep, In the morning i saw the sun creeping over the trees. I got to higher ground and dried off. I was filled with joy, i sang to the sun 'allaah, allaah!' The strangest thing happened, i heard other voices singing with me, tens than hundreds, in different pitches, in harmony. This happened multiple times as i stared at the sun. Allah truly was with me that night. When I got home I would kneel on that jacket and face east to pray for months, it had saved my life. I still pray daily but mostly in my head in quiet and in notes. That experience in 2012 changed my life. Allah is real, god is real, and yes bipolar is real and I was tested. I also hallucinated a blue headed snake a woman dressed in an off white dress not of this time, and a sphyx, lion like creature, as I made my way out of the woods. Incredible experience.

  22. Salaam
    I came across this thread while googling my symptoms!!. I realise you posted it a while back and hope you receive this inshallah.
    I haven't had a diagnosis but think I also have some sort of mood disorder, illness is a trial please don't think of it as a punishment, your sins are washed away if you deal with your illness with sabar.
    it might be an idea to keep a mood and food diary to see if certain foods are exacerbating your symptoms. for example sugar and caffeine can cause a roller coaster effect with your mood. try to cut down or eliminate added sugars from your diet. I find cutting out sugar alone gets rid of the brain fog and I get this mental clarity which I don't usually have.
    try to pin point other factors which maybe worsening your mood swings, for example tiredness and stress (I'm guessing if you are like me normal every day things probably make you stressed)
    I am not sure if you are female but if you are then menstruation probably worsens your symptoms due to the hormonal changes. I also struggled with both my pregnancies, I suffered from terrible post natal depression, I was a zombie.
    I have been to see psychologists and psychiatrists, I have also tried many antidepressants but never get past the uptake symptoms (the symptoms you get as the drug is kicking in to your system), so now I just muddle through life.
    I am most days so overwhelmed as I struggle to maintain relationships and friendships. I am a self employed beautician and work freelance which suits me with all the ups and downs I have, a 9 to 5 job would be near impossible.
    I have gone through life avoiding people and situations, I don't feel joy, don't smile or laugh much..just feel anger, jealousy and intense rage.

    my advice to you would be:
    eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water, on a sunny day sit out and let the sun heal you, visit a nature spot or park, it will sooth you. if you have any vitamin and mineral deficiencies make sure you take your supplements. take regular exercise...walking, jogging, swimming whatever you feel comfortable with (team up with your friend). make salah, read quran and do zikar. get to bed on time, sleep deprivation is bad when you have a mood disorder. stay away or limit your use of social media (can put you on a downer when you look at other people's lives and start to compare )

    you didn't say how old you are and what you do for a you get out of the house everyday away from your family, it's good to have some space. also take up a hobby where you have to focus your mind such as arts and crafts.

    as for Meds it really is up to you whether you want to take them and are able to stay on them, the side effects can be awful. you might want to research the long term effects before taking these drugs.
    is there a history of any brain disease in your family? I believe there is something in my's in my father's side. my father's mother struggled all her life as did her brother, my father also has something going on, he has only ever tried antidepressants. my grandmother developed dementia before she passed away although a diagnosis was never made. you might be predisposed to this type of illness, I believe I am but the doctors are not doing anything because I am in my late 30's. my GP said to me if a diagnosis is ever made for your father go with him to see his GP and ask if it is hereditary. I wanted to thump her, I felt she fobbed me off!!

    hope that helps. x

  23. AsSalaamalaikum,
    I was diagnosed with Bipolar when I was 18 years old,it took 5 years to stablise me by Dr.A.K.Dutt.
    It has been 32 years.My parents consulted Peer Baba,he said somebody tried to harm my parents but could not,so they harmed me.

    Now,I am 48 years old,I regularly take Lithosun SR,Mezapin XR 200 mg and Depranil 75 mg once daily at bedtime.

    • Peer Baba is wrong. Mental illness is genetic and has nothing to do with curses or magic. Keep taking your medication and doing whatever is necessary and beneficial. May Allah aid you and make it easy.

      Wael Editor

  24. It may be a punishment but also may be a test from Allah swt. A way to make you stronger and erase ur sins. Many ppl with bi polar are exempted from fasting due to medication. In this way Allah swt is giving you an easier time than others . Allah swt tests those he loves. With bi polar you can live a good life with medication. It is possible to stop meds but only if life v stable, I believe if you have strong iman/ faith with a religious life, stay away from stress as much as you can. This will not work for many but if you really feel it could and life is fine or side effects too bad it is possible in future. Changing meds/ lowering dose another option. You probably know what can make you relapse and what doesn't. May depend more what type of bipolar you have too. But don't be sad the help of Allah is near x

  25. Please would some one help me with a powerfull dua whichu u found effective for a bipolar person. My brother is suffering from bipolar. We tried our maximum to leave him to do evrything what he loves. But evrywhere a small thing is putting him back to depression.and he is not allowing us to interfer into his lifem has suicidal thoughts. Please help. Please help with some duas please

  26. Salaam,
    I read all the comments whilst googling bipolar to be honest i was wanting to know what Islam said about long term medication use when someone is Bipolar.
    I am bipolar I had a massive manic attack back in 2013 and since then have been in and out of hospital regularly.
    I love Allah but i don't pray my imaan has always been strong and whenever i have called out to Allah in times of need Allah has always answered my prayers mashALLAH.....But i am at that stage in life where i am really struggling ....doctors say i need to take medications for the rest of my life i am accepting of my diagnosis but these medications are causing me to feel down and depressed,, generally i am a bubbly outgoing fun kind of person a happy go lucky but at the moment i am very tearful sad and get stressed over little things./
    I have a 3 year old son (which the doctors back in 2013 said i would never be able to have a child due to medications and my illness) So mashAllah i am blessed but i am struggling because of this depression due to medications i often cry in front if my child which I hate i don't want him to be affected by my bouts of depression...i pray to Allah and say please help me.
    I think i am capable and strong enough to be off medications but unfortunately i haven't got a great family network ....dont get me wrong my family love me and everything but they don't fully understand my condition and usually make things worse when I'm going through a phase... sometimes i just want to be my own self normal ...but what is normal well i know when i am off medications and my normal self i am happy upbeat and get on with life i am care free....but when on medications i am stressed out tearful and depressed...i struggle with life when on meds to the point i begin feeling hopeless.
    i wanted to know what Islam says about bipolar and whether medications is necessary or whether it is better to be off medications.
    Because i know when i am ill or relapse i need the medications but once my mood and i have stabilised i don't believe i need medication to keep me on that level...if you know what i once I'm back to myself i don't require meds with all the side effects they come with...i just want a medication to nip in the bud WHEN i have a problem not suffer with the side effects of medication JUST IN CASE of relapse.
    can someone please get back to me on this question and let me know
    it would be much appreciated.

    Lastly my advice to those who have the illness is use therapy such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) talking therapies or a close friend who understands you...that is and works much better than medications (in my experience and opinion) however some people just can't do it without medication so a low dose of medication is required.
    May Allah give you Emaan sabr and patience inshAllah

  27. Hi
    I was diagnosed as Bipolar back in 2013...I had a very major manic episode ...i have since then been in and out of hospital quite regularly ...i still believe it is due to my family not knowing how to deal with an episode and make me feel better instead they kind of make it worse and stress me out more..
    back in 2013 due to the severity of my manic episode i was put on massive doses of medications and was taking a lot of them, the doctors wanted to play it safe and make sure i did not go as Manic as i did initially ever again.
    The medications had so many side effects and made my mood very low and depressed i used to want to commit suicide jump out of the window ...jump in front of a bus I had lost hope and was really severely depressed. I then attempted to hurt myself and even then the doctors didn't do anything about my depression I knew and had enough imaan to know that I've never wanted to die before and this is not myself it was the medications..
    only then did my family realise it was the medications causing me severe depression and then we weaned myself off the medication and i finally became better.
    The depression subsided...i was told back in 2013 that i would not be able to have children because of the medications i was taking but i was adamant that i would not let this happen...i had my son end of 2015...he was healthy mashAllah as i was not taking medications but i relapsed.
    I was not accepting and was in denial of my diagnosis for a while...but recently i had a relapse and thought to myself i must have something wrong with me....
    I can go without medication for about a year and then due to stresses relapse but never as serious as how i relapsed in 2013..i have many side effects and low mood when i am on anti psychotics...the doctors say i will have to be on medications for life...but i feel very restrained whilst on medications I feel low mood low self esteem and depressed and tearful whilst on these medicines..
    I know in my heart and believe that Allah helps me and listens to my duas and want to be medication free. I was wondering what Islam says about this the side effects really affect my mood and give me a lot of negativity

    so is it better to be medication free or to continue with the medications just in case of another relapse?
    Because i am mentally better when i am off medications..but after about a year or so i have a relapse....caused due to how family deal with me to be honest....I know that before having a relapse i do not mind taking medication for short term to get me through the relapse so i don't relapse but i do not want these medications long term as they cause so much low mood.

    I hope this makes sense

    • I have bipolar too. For preg you need a good care plan. I was off meds. But you can take esp third trimester. I tuk lithium . But rest after imp. Someone to help with night feeds. An epidural helped with pain.

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