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Assalam o alaikum!

I am a student of O levels! And I don't know everyone definitely thinks that at this age at the age of 16 or 17 love is not possible! Love is something that should happen after marriage right?We should love our spouse! But what if we saw someone and want to Marry them?

I mean actually 2 years back when I met a guy I am not into boys I actually avoid talking to them and so I avoided him as well but in our school we had some functions together where he recited the surah and I translated it! We also had a picture together for the school's new branch of A level's pamphlet and advertisement! And also our families have met each other alhumdulillah and he is my best friend! And he doesn't know this but I  want to marry him! And I know my parents would agree to it actually right after my studies I am going to be married! Like in 23 at the age of 23 and so at 20 or 21 I will be engaged! I don't know how to tell this to my parents that I want to marry him he also have feelings and what's good about him is he has Masha ALLAH five sisters and his family is very religious alhumdulillah as me and my family are! And also he never do an eye contact with me! He says I want you as my wife I don't want to look at you now because now I am a na mehram for you!

The main problem is he is a Sindhi I mean here in Pakistan people have different cultures! In different provinces different cultures and languages! But in my city everyone lives here in peace in Karachi every Sindhi Punjabi balochi pakhtoons and we muhajir lives together but when it comes to marriage my parents are ultimately what can I say they're against a girl's marriage to a guy with a different culture​! And we have  different cultures though he was  born here he is related to this city neither he nor his family is a typical of their culture.

Please guide me what to do ?

I am actually a student so I am already tensed about my exams and also do tell me what should I do to get success in my exams please CIE exams are tough! Please tell me which surah or hadith I can get for my matters

Jazak ALLAH thank you

This was my first post here! It would be beneficial if I get my answers ? 😊






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  1. dear sister first of all you should keep focus on study for success in exams you should recite surah AALm NASHRAH and this surh should read at the start of paper and then make dua and please do not start dating with him it is very very dangerous thing so avoid this and making dua To ALLAH that if he is good for me ALLAH we get marriage without any problems and family problem and hurdles and save me from haraam relationship and if he is not good for me then you give me peace and I am not worry about him and I happy without his m.

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