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Black magic or not? How can I stop it?

sihr, black magic

Bismillah-i rahman-i rahim

Assalamu alaikum to all,

I'm a young lady from Europe who alhamdulillah reverted to Islam about three years ago.My question is about black magic and how I can know if that happened to me. Also, I wonder if we muslims believe in curses from generation to generation. My story is very strange -like a novel- but before you think I'm lying, I swear to Allah that every single word I write to you is the truth! Please, I need help.

First of all, I believe in Qadr and Allah's (swa) will and I am not someone who think everything bad that happens in this Dunya is due to magic. I believe that even if our life is full of difficulties, maybe it is from Allah, and we have to be patient and wise to win this trial and learn from it.

On the other hand, I have reasons to think that I have magic on me, or a curse upon my family from my mother's side. From my great grand mother to me and my son, we have lived huge struggles and unexpected events in my family. I will tell you why I believe this. I will start with my story as a child.

When I was five years old, my parents separated from each other because my father met another woman. From the time my mother was pregnant with me they never had a good relationship, but when he met this woman things went much worse. I will tell you why I mention this. My father left the home, and although for the next few years he was trying to see me, slowly he started to argue more with my mother and finally stopped seeing me at all.

After that, me and my mother found NEVER peace between us. Instead of being united and loving each other, we were fighting every single day for everything like two bad dogs.  She was talking to me with really dirty words, blaming me that I destroyed her life, and I was feeling she was jealous of me. Every time I wanted to do something for myself, she was standing behind me and telling me her bitter words.

Sometimes I could see that she and I were relaxed and loving each other, but only for a very short period and then suddenly we would start fighting again for unimportant reasons. It was like a storm every time. Like when the air blows we fight, and when it stops, we are fine.

When I was about 16 she started taking me to some turkish people who named themselves ''hotza'', (meaning sheikh), saying they are muslims and that they can tell the future. At that time I had no idea about Islam. I was a Christian, but not very religious. I was a teenager who was following mother everywhere she was telling me. It was a joke for me, like 'ok let's go to see our future', laughing and not really believing.

We have been to more than one. Everyone was asking for the name of my mother and date of birth. Now I know that they were magicians 🙁 One time I had to drink water that contained a paper with some arabic letters on it. Another time I had to wash my body with it for protection etc. I was doing it like a silly.

My mother then told me about her past. She had been going to a magician when I was 5 years old to bring my father back home and see what was happening. I even know details. This man at midnight was walking around his home and saying something, and he had big holes in his forehead. He created a triangle talisman and gave it to my mum. Then, he told her many things to do. He gave her some herbs and told her to wash her body with them, and collect the dirty water in a bucket and then go to a crossroad at midnight and spread the water, I think for forty days.

My mother was also not believing a lot to these things even she did them, so one day she opened the talisman to see what was inside. When she visited this man, before she even said ''hi'' at the doorstep, he said, ''why did you open it?''
My mother told me that she had discovered that my grandmother (the mother of my father, I mean) and my father's  new wife were visiting another magician of a village in our country to destroy my parents' marriage.

For Christian people, they do magic to separate a couple using their weddings wreaths from the church. One day while I was searching through some old stuff at my home, I found these wreathes in a box and inside there was a piece of hair. Strange things.

I was refusing to believe in magic and these things even if I visited these people for fun that time 🙁 I started thinking that maybe we have different personalities, or that this home has some influence on us. I wanted to move out to another home,  which I did finally when I was 19.  Nothing helped us. I though she would relax if we had some distance to miss each other and think. She became even worse. One day loving and caring; and suddenly blaming, cursing me, saying dirty words to me. She has even cursed me many times to have cancer, or my future children to make my life hard.

While I was studying at university three and half years, I met my first husband at the last exams. I was pregnant and we decided to live together and make our own family. Alhamdulillah, I completed my studies, but until now I couldn't work again.

He was loving me a lot and me too, but suddenly we started arguing for nothing as well. He found a job at night, and all day long he was sleeping at home. He had no interest in me or our son, and he became lazy and depressed. I had a very hard pregnancy regarding my mental health, and that situation was not helping me at all. I was crying a lot, I was feeling lonely, and I had explosions of anger. He wasn't caring. Fights were following one another. His family didn't want me either, even though I was so kind to them. They just disliked me and my mother, for no other reason.

All my life  I have not had many friends. I notice that people at first love me a lot and like me, and then something happens and they go away from me. This is since I was 5, until now! I can't create a long lasting friendship, because  if I say the same things that somebody else would say, they count worse against me. I mean, I see people argue and then they are still friends. For me no- people go away for ever 🙁  From the age of five I felt like somthing was broken inside me, and I thought it was because I was sad that my parents divorced. But it was not just this.

From that age until now I feel like an invisible veil is in front of my eyes and mind. I can't make decisions easily, I feel confused about everything-  like I don't see clearly, like something always blocks me and distracts me. When I finally make some decisions, they are wrong and lead to catastrophes.

My first husband had to travel for work. He said he will go for 7 months , but he returned after 14. I divorced him. When he came home I was not feeling anything for him. I was hating him. For no special reason, again. Many people travel a long time, but they do not divorce after. I started smoking. I got asthma. His family was threating me often, and I decided to move to another country. In the meantime, I became muslim alhamdulillah.

So, I moved to another European country and I married an old friend and we lived together with my son. I thought the problems would stop. After I became a muslim and I learned that magic is true, I believed that something was happening to my family- and even more to me. I thought that if my father's wife did magic to me and my mother, that would be at our home. So, if I relocated, that would have no influence anymore. But now that we talk, I have not seen a good day! 🙁

Alhamdulillah, I have generally good physical health, and my son is healthy as well and I am grateful. We have food, a home, and I have a husband. But my mental health is not good, and I feel desperate. It is not depression, because depressed people feel all the time sad and unsatisfied. No, if something good happens I feel happy. But the problem is that even my new husband, who is a very helpful person to his friends and a lovely brother and son to his family, hates me.

He treats my son unfairly, he blames me for everything, he compares me with other ''better women'' (as he says), and he has stopped praying...and unfortunately I cannot prayer either 🙁 I started disliking the shower, I feel very lazy to clean myself,  and I feel lazy to cook and clean my home.  I do it, but not with my heart. I feel extremely tired and hopeless. I trust Allah and I always say alhamdulillah. I say that if this is my Qadr, I accept it and I pray for a good Akhira.

But I have a feeling that this hate to me from people is not coming from our Lord. It is not normal. My own mother was hating me all my life, my first husband did- when I was crying, he was laughing; and my new husband- I swear he has NEVER EVER smiled at me. He avoids looking in my eyes. I asked him if he has a girlfriend, and he said no. I always try to sit and talk to him, and I tell him that maybe it is good to speak as a family with a sheikh or a family advisor, but his only answer is that all the fault is mine and he does not need advice or change.

He comes from another cultural backround, but these differences are not understandable.  The hate he has for me is not normal, but when I tell him to divorce me if he does not love me anymore, he refuses. The same thing is happening here like what was happening with my mother. We usually argue, and then some sudden moments of peace and harmony come, but just for a while.

I tried everything. I blamed myself, I tried to change my personality, I started thinking that I am really a terrible woman and nobody likes me or stays with me more than 1-2 years. I make du'a from time to time.

I have to tell you that inside an old pocket that I brought from my country here, I found a paper with arabic letters from a printer, very well closed. A talisman obviously. I couldn't remember if I got it from any of these fake muslims magicians, or if my mother hid it there. Anyway, a brother read Quran and burned it. I don't know if it's the right way to destroy it, though.

Now I want to open this file of magic that I had closed again, and I was telling  myself that this is just destiny and don't think about magic.I need to ask, to learn, to know what is going on. Otherwise if I have magic and let it be, all my life will be ruined. I will be getting married again and again and I will divorce each time. 🙁 My new husband's uncle ( he is dead now) who comes from an arabic country, was also a magician.

One woman appeared on facebook telling me through private message to say ''hi'' from her to my husband, and that ''he will understand''. When I asked him, he told me that a few years before they wanted to marry, but he refused at the last minute and that she is a crazy woman. I don't think she is crazy, but because she sent me that message I guess she is still in love with him. I'm afraid that she has done anything to separate us.

My professional life was also always tough and unfair. Faults that many people do at work and they are forgiven, for me were not forgiven, even the smallest. Things that people do easily, I need lot of time. Everything in my life seems to have a slow rhythm and negative results.

I know, there are many sides in my life, and many people involved with magic. Some people may think I have big imagination, or I am crazy, or simply a liar. BUT I SWEAR, everything I told you is true and only true. Anyway, I don't have any need to sit half hour and write all these things just to spend my time. I have a strong belief that one of these people, maybe my father's new wife, the ex-fiancee of my husband, or even my own mother have made magic on me. Mostly I believe it's my father's wife. She was not satisfied to take my father, she also wanted  to make us disappear from his life. And what better way to make a mother and daughter fight every day like dogs?

I met this woman just one time in my life- last year at my father's home. I was praying secretely when they were outside. I was refusing to eat meat with the excuse that I am vegeterian, because it was not halal. I was telling them that my hijab was for fashion purposes, until I told them I am muslim. When she realized that, she started screaming like crazy, telling to my father that if a muslim comes to her home she will take my eyes off! She was under panic 🙁

Anyway, I've spoken a lot and I am sorry for my bad english. Thank you for your time, and I hope for an answer soon. Please believe that all of what I said is true. I need help to release my life and live in peace. I'm afraid that any minute my marriage will end again!  🙁 Is it a curse? Black magic? If yes, where are the sources hidden, and how can I destroy them?


JazakAllah khairoun,


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    I'm so sorry to hear what has been happening in your life - that sounds so hard to go through. May Allah reward you for your efforts and patience.

    I don't know what's happening with your family, but I can see that this is deeply distressing for you - and it's so important to look after your mental wellbeing so that you can be there for your son. I think it might help to make sure you have support from mental health professionals, as they may be able to help you stay well, and maybe even help you find some solutions to or ways to cope with the current situation.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Wa Alaikum as Salam wa Rahatullah,

    Sister, magic is a world of darkness and ignorance, which is filled with the shayateen (devils) and their evil plots, and with the deception of haters and evil human beings. Its practice and its learning amounts to disbelief in Allah and His Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

    The magic that separates a couple is not new, it has been practiced since the time of Sulaiman (Solomon) Alaihis Salam. It is among the greatest trials upon mankind. In a few societies, it is so common, that for every small thing people would turn to magicians.

    I don;t know what you exactly mean when you say curse, but such a concept exists in Islam. When your mother cursed you, it is possible that her words became true. This works like a dua against someone. There are times when duas are accepted, so if a mother curses her child whether out of anger or actually meaning it, it is possible that is is accepted and comes to pass. Without any doubt, all of this is written in the book of Decree.

    It is not your Lord who is making the curse work, but the sufferings of people are their own earnings. Seek forgiveness from Allah and read the daily supplications without missing them any day. Do not miss any obligatory prayer and add supererogatory prayers to them. Keep NO relation with anyone who practices of learns magic and remove anything that is used in magic from your home, including talismans, pieces of paper, water, leaves, and anything else. Purify your home from the work of shaitaan and make it a home of remembrance of Allah, a home full of Allah's Blessing.

    It is also possible that the effect of magic is still there on you. It does not necessarily end with change of one's home or even country for that matter. I know a woman who has had a Jinn follow her wherever she goes, for years; even to Masjid al Haraam in Makkah. There are varying degrees of magic and it is possible to get rid of it, with the help of Quran and Sunnah.

    I recommend downloading the booklet called The Ruqya Handbook. This is to cure yourself from magic, if you are still affected by it. I can't say the woman who messaged or your father's wife had this done, and it is wrong to suspect this without evidence suggesting it. Read the book and the apply the cure suggested, by yourself. If you can't, then have a knowledgeable and practicing Muslim experienced in ruqyah do it.

    For your marital relation, you should work on repairing it and advising your husband to resume the obligatory prayers. Without that, there remains no difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.

    May Allah Cure you and Give you a peaceful life.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  3. Dear sister,
    This is a heartbreaking account of your relationship with your mother. It also saddens me about your troublesome relationships.
    I too have been left in your position- i have been married twice. Both times the mother in laws did alot of meddling through magicians (Allah knows better)
    I firmly believe, Allah swt will test those that he loves! Take some relief from this.
    Every hardship is a test, and the rewards for dealing and becoming closer to our Creator are unimaginable.
    Keep faith sister, Allah is with you. Xx

  4. Dear sister, asalamalaikum,

    I think i can understand your problem very well, my mum had a very similar problem. She would sleep all day, but still stay tired. She' s been sick for the last 4 years or so and no matter how many doctors she consult or how many pills she takes each day it wasnt having any effect. There are other problems too at our house.

    Well my advice is first read up as much as you can about black magic, only when you understand your problem will you find a solution to it.

    Next find a ruqya healer of your area. Ruqya is a spritual healing through quran and sunnah.

    They usually guide you through, in my mums case they gave her something to read from quran after each prayer and to blow it on water and use it for cooking and drinking.

    Make you will stronger and brace yourself to fight the magic off like you would fight any chronic disease.

    Dont loose hope, Allah subhana is most merciful, He doesnt test us with sonething we wont be able to bear.

    • I removed your link as I checked the website and found it to be suspicious. The brother claims that all the problems of the world are a result of mass sorcery. Crime in South Africa, poverty in Mauritius, on and on, all because of sorcery. Which of course he can remove for a fee. He gets flown about, stays in the best hotels... naturally he would make the problem out to be as big as possible.

      It's important to realize that most individual, family and social problems are spiritual, emotional, medical or psychological. Until we acknowledge that, we cannot make progress toward treatment.

      Wael Editor

  5. Assalamu alaikum sister I would like to correspond with regarding this issue, do you mind providing me with an email?

    • Assalaamualaikam

      We do not permit the exchange of personal contact details on this site.

      Midnightmoon editor

  6. Salam

    I just read story, not sure if you're still following this thread, but I guess I know something that may help you with all your problems. Since I went through certain issues recently which occurred due to black magic, I consulted many people who could prescribe a treatment. whatever I'm telling you to do is all through my own experience as it worked for me. Please make sure that you offer salah (namaz) five times a day especially fajr and isha, that's the primary key to ward off black magic. secondly recite surah Baqarah (2nd chapter of Quran) either once every 3 days, or try finishing it within three days. make it your habit and In Sa Allah you'll see amazing results.


    A Sister in Islam.

    • I am new to this long big world someone help me and how do I start reading the Holy Quran I would like to learn I live in Chicago I don't know know Islamic people that can help me right now and I need help in my personal life so I want to know what can I read helping me is my life

      • Hello Rick. You can read the Quran online at, or you can purchase one online at many sources, including I recommend that you visit your local mosque and talk to the Imam (the spiritual leader). He can guide you in learning more about Islam.

        Wael Editor

  7. If a muslim does illuminati, black magic, sihr, these take him out of the fold of islam if he believes and worships Allah?

      if your believe in Allah is strong then you would never need magic but if your believe isnt that strong then magic and other thing would attract you

  8. As Salam Alaykum! May Allah cure me and you. It's a big test but Allah will reply. Pray your 5 Salah.You mum did black magic too you and you did to yourself I was same situation revert too and I did too myself so my mum. I embraced a islam 7yeaesahp and I'm treating myself with ruqiah for the past 3years baqarah and the ayats in the water wash myself drink and cook. I was lazy too and unclean that due to the Jiin living inside me. And by the wayy life was mess too. I put the CD on and do all my stuff that help but I got a raki first to supporte. That a task iman you saw need to recite on it and pour water with Quran let dry and burn.

  9. Wow, i have experienced same symptoms, not your happening but the paychological part where i cant keep a realtionship, i would fight with my mother for nothing!!!! I wanted to take her eyes out and she would mine! You have no idea!
    After 3 weeks, my poor mother rolled the carpet to wash it. Omg!! In the middle of the carpet we found a talisman. My grandfather threw it in the river a running water. I swear immidiately we stopped fighting and we coudnt believe what we have done to each other. I still have problems with husband with inlaws with friends work everything!! I wiah i knew how to get rid of me i feel that if i speak smth immidiatelly somebody hears me
    And my things just go bad end...

  10. Dear Fellows,

    Male 32, Today after reading this whole I am crying honestly speaking I am crying badly the reason I am tired of the same problem at first sight people love me though I've never been a cheater everything goes fine but with no reason the end person breaks everything whether it is an individual relationship or business stuff at the end I am in loss. I brought my family in loss what so every thing comes in my hand like any asset with my hands it ruined actually. I never knew the reason than I went to some people who told me that your parents and your house is under black magic spell and though you are constantly failing in every endeavours of life even your marriage will not be safe or nobody will marry you though they got the confused thoughts about you. It is a never ending story of failures and insult in my life. I practiced 5 times prayers with jamaat in masjid I tried to be a good servant of ALLAH s.w.t but I failed after all I am a human and I can't practice everything right like the pious. For now, I am badly hurt and I lost so much still I just don't want to loose more but one bad thing I am practicing since so long and that is a secret sin addiction (you got my point, self execution) I just want to get rid of it but it seems like something devil inside my soul triggers all of a sudden and the next is not me, it is literally not me and the moment its over I started crying and turned to repent to merciful lord "AR RAHMAN" and I make tobah as much as I can and yes I do feel the Imaan and barkat inside my soul but again I fell into it. I am tired of my life, I literally want to give up, It feels like the devil inside my soul. Kindly guard me, help me out. I went to islamic healers "Aaamil" they told me to read quran "Ruqqyah" as much as I can and blow into water, drink it, they said that you are in serious trouble stay calm and read quran and ask ALLAH to help you, some gave me some amulets and the threads to wear. Finally, I am broke.
    Please keep me in Dua(s). I'll be thankful. May ALALH S.W.T bless you all, Aameen.

    Abdullah (The servant of ALLAH) ,A victim like you or _____________

  11. Dear Sister,

    May Allah have mercy on you and reward you with a beautiful life ahead. You may look up the Internet and consult genuine healers and experts of Ruqyah and take their suggestions. Please note genuine healers will not give you any talisman or stuffs to keep at home or burn etc. Those themselves are black magic practitioners.

    Thank you

  12. Sister I've gone through your story but Allah only knows the unseen. I would like to just advice you that don't lose hope. Sometimes Allah tries to take test of us and we should be steadfast. Since you have become a Muslim try to pray all 5 times prayer and for your difficulties try to pray Tahjud prayer which is an optional prayer at night time basically at the last part of night and make dua. ..In sha Allah you will get rid of all the troubles

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