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Black thread with 5 knots

black magic sorcerer

Asak, today I saw in my wife's car a black thread with 5 knots hanging by center mirror. I asked her what the thread with knots in her car doing and she said to prevent bad eye on her new car. And same thread with 5 knots is on windshield viper.

Me and my wife has been separated for past 9 months and from past 9 months we have got marriage counseling through a Muslim marriage counselor. We have started process of getting back together and rented apartment but due to financial reason we have not moved in.

She does not want me to see my family or parents and that was the main reason we got separated. She came back to me saying she wanted to apologize to my parents and me and wants to get back together.

I am not sure what she wants but is she doing or involved in black magic (Allah talah guide her to right path)?

we have a 1 year kid and I'm worried father and a husband.


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  1. Assalaamualaykum muslimhusband,

    First off, MashsAllah for getting through marriage counseling and starting to work your way back to each other. Many do not have the courage to take this difficult step in their marriage and you two have done it successfully.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the black thread, to be honest. A lot of people have weird superstitions, and evil eye is a thing, thus the efforts to ward it off. You could just kindly inform her that the black thread is not doing anything to ward off evil eye, and to say a dua instead. Just research a dua and provide it to her in writing, telling her that if she's worried about evil eye, she should recite this instead.

    What I would be worried about if I were you is the knotted thread tied to windshield wiper! It could get stuck and cause the wipers to stick or stop working properly. You can kindly inform her of this and ask her to remove that one. I think she will remove the one on the mirror on her own someday, as it may have been put there while you were separated for "protection." (I know.)



  2. Brother,

    In addition to researching some duas, you can give her one very simple Surah to recite:

    "Surah Al-Falaq"

    Bismillah al rahman al rahim
    I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak
    From the evil of that which he created
    From the evil of the darkness when it settles
    From the evil of the blowers in knots
    From the evil of the envier when he envies.

    With this surah, she will be protected and given that sense of protection she is looking for.



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