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Blackmailed by my ex – my father will kill me

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I am an 19 yr old girl... when i am 17 i am in a relationship with a non muslim boy... bcz at my 17 i got in depression he help me to come out... i know i have done wrong... but he promise me that he will convert in muslim... i didnt forced him but he said that he like my religion he always wanted to do this....

i said ok n after few months he bring lot of changes in himself... he started abusing my religion and my parents... so i decided to leave him... n i leaved him... bcz i got that he will also change me into his religion so i leaved him

but now he blackmailing me that if i will not come again into his life... he will destroy my life, he will tell everything to my parents... but my father is very strict if he get to know little thing about this he will kill me but with me he will also kill my mother and sister.... i dont want this... n i am engaged also with a boy my parents choose ...what i can do... i am not getting.. i am praying a lot but its my fault... allah will not forgive me


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  1. Assalaamualykum Sister Sharmeen,

    You were naïve and acted out of depression and emotional need. Please forgive yourself. Allah helps those who help themselves.

    Don't be so sure your father will kill you. While there are bad fathers out there, there are no irreparable fathers. He might just have instilled a fear of this kind of thing in you to protect you from harm.



  2. I've been there , these blackmailing etc etc .
    Sister one thing you should thst these guys who black mails are the one who are very insecure and coward inner side . Once they found that you are getting scared becsuse of their blackmailing , they'll black mail you more .
    Pray to Allah , be strong . Do you think that once he told this all to your father , your father will leave him and will step toward you to beat you .
    No he hasn't any courage to tell this to your father , he knows you are scared of your father and thus he's scaring you more . Take your mother in trust . If he's blackmailing you , go to police and report them
    And plz leave this guy , stay away from him . He's harmful .

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