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Boyfriend wants my naked photographs


we are in a relationship over 1year. we had a great understanding between us.but nowadays he's behavior has changed.he talks about physical relation.he wants my nacked photographs.I tried to convince him that its illegal in islam.but he says nowadays that's normal.if I want to stay with him,then I have to send those things to him.I love him so much.but I really don't wanna do  anything which is illegal in islam.I cant leave him.Nor I can do what he wants.I'm in depression.


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  1. Dear Bushra, I understand that you really love your boyfriend. Let your boyfriend knows that sharing naked picture is not a trend in Islam. If he insist still, just leave him. If he dare to do like that to you, without legal relationship yet, means he would do the same thing to others too. So who know how many naked pictures he have been keeping. Becareful. Take good care of yourself for a better man that you deserve.

  2. Mam..
    You already know what you want to do(Not breaking the Islamic rules)..
    Plus, why would a guy break a relationship for not sending something he asked for??!
    Is naked picture worth the Entire relationship !?
    I don't think its worth it mam..
    I suggest you do what's right..
    But remember one thing, almost every relationship in this world has an expiry date..
    And your pictures that he asked for is not worth the relationship..

  3. Aslaamuaalaikum bushra dear
    First of all being in a relationship is gunaah in itself and then secondly it seems that your boyfriend is not considerate of your wishes as you are of him. If he really loved you then he wouldn't ask for such pics and still if he dies and u refuse nd after that also if he insist then its for sure that he doesn't loves you. Love is not what is in flesh and physical form, the most important part of love is understanding each other, and if he doesn't understand you then this relationship is fake and the efforts u put in r futile. Think over it and do what's right for you.... Inshaallah everything will be alright.

  4. Sister Bushra,
    Ask yourself if you are willing to risk these pictures going public. Will you be able to have a peaceful night of sleep knowing that these pictures exist? Would you want your daughter to take such pictures?
    Please do not give anyone (boyfriend, husband, etc.) a picture that you would not want to be placed on a website. People break-up and get divorced all the time. Also, consider the fact that his phone could be stolen or hacked. These pictures could be used to blackmail you in the future by him or someone else. This is a wake-up call for you to realize what this relationship is doing to your closeness to Allah.

  5. Assalamo walikum sister
    Sorry to hear that. The reason he is thinking haram because you are already in a haram relationship. In Islam its not profer to talk to opposite too long. it went wrong because you kept talking for a yr and didn't proceed to halal relationship. The longer you talk the better you make it for saitan to be involve in you both. When you talk to a guy and get to know him due to marriage make sure mahram is present. I know it's been a yr and you build feeling toward him and you don't want to leave him because it will hurt you. But question yourself these: can you live with a dirty minded guy? Can you be with a guy who doesn't know his rules of Islam? Can you sleep at night knowing he has your naked pics? What happens if he spread to media? I wish I can tell you to isthekara but his behavior is sign of isthekara and that he is a bad news. Don't be with anyone who doesn't follow Islam correctly. Wanting your naked pictures its not sign of love but lust. And lust is a friend of nafs. You can tell him that maybe its time the parents meet and make a final decision for marriage. But if you or him not ready then it's best if you end it. He is not going to stop asking, maybe for short time he might because you felt uncomfortable but he will forget and ask again. Remember something there are plenty of fish in the sea. Don't think he is it. Have respect for yourself and other will respect you back. Meet a good Muslim man and keep your time of limit of getting to know him. if you follow islamic rules correctly inshallah Allah will protect you.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care and make tawba

  6. If I was you, I wouldnt send your naked pictures! I've heard many stories where out of revenge the boyfriend sends to his mates, the girls parents, and posts the naked photos on the internet which can never be taken off!

    So please never send your naked or nude photos to him or have a physical relationship with him... just because you may love him doesn't mean you lower your libaas or self respect.

    Secondly doesn't your boyfriend understand that he asking you to do something that isn't right? Doesn't he have sisters or a mother or female cousins.. How would he like it it if some guy was asking them for naked photos or wanting to have a physical relationship with them? He is not a good guy!

    It sounds like your a strong person and that is good!

    Indeed in this day and age committing zina and being physical is normal because society today has become like animals being controlled by their lower desires. But that doesn't mean you have to follow the same path.

    He doesn't not love you.. when he asked you to send him your naked/nude photos, you realised this isn't right, and you are right.

    Remember don't be naive!

    You don't want to be another statistic... many girls have been deceived buy guys like that! Don't be one of them.

    Take care and be wise!

  7. Please don't do this. It is very big sin and you boyfriend doesn't love you. He Loves only your body. Please don't do and leave him

  8. Sister, whatever you do. Do not engage with him in a sexual or intimate relationship. If you must talk to him, then it must be in public at all times.

    Whatever you do, do NOT let him take any footage, video, audio, pictures of you. Any guy who asks that is bad news.

    You may feel you need him but the human mind is resilient. This need will stop if you cut all ties. Change your number, email etc. Trust me.

    If you chose to walk down the road he is leading you, it will not end well. Once you give somebody the power over you, you leave yourself vulnerable. You are young and he may be the first male you met. But how can somebody who asks you to compromise your values and faith be the right one for you?

    Yes you can leave him. It's your choice. Dont let yourself by swayed by him. If what he says is so normal nowadays then he should have no problem introducing you to his family and formally approach tour family for your hand in marriage.

  9. Assalamo walikum sister

    Sorry to hear that. Don't send him naked picture of you because he can do black mail you and after he would say that sexual relationship with you by your pic so pls don't do and don't break islamic rules.It is very big sin and your boyfriend doesn't love you. He Loves only your body.Please don't do and leave him. And do not make the relationship with this type of boys.

    Do not cheat with your parents and ALLAH if you do cheat you will get loss

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