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Assalamu alaikum, I am raziya. I am 24 years old. I was loving a guy from past two years (we didnt had any physical relationship). He was in relationship with other girl, i had left him but he said that he loves only me and i trusted him blindly. Then i came to know he was bisexual and he too accepted that he will change, i trusted him again. But i still loved him. Now he is committed to someone else and says that he cant marry me. What is my fault? I really loved him from 2 years. I really thank allah that i didnt had any kind of physical with me. Now i want to concentrate on my career. Already i wasted 3 years after engineering. Now i want to move on, i want to forget all his memories. Please help me


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  1. Your fault???? Are you not aware that a relationship before marriage os HARAM! Not only is it Haram the guy youre with is heaving sex with other guys!! How un-islamic is that? Please start thinking ask Allah for forgiveness and guidence

  2. Assalaamualaykum Raziya,

    If you want to move on, avoid any form of communication with him. Don't meet him in person or initiate/respond to any phone, text, internet, or social media messages. Block his number if possible, and block him from your accounts. In time, you will not think of him constantly and inshallah be able to concentrate on your career.



  3. How often did you meet him in person? Did you spend time alone with him? How do you know he is bisexual?

  4. May Allah Be With You..

    You cannot move on! If he comes back again, you will still trust him, that a girl when she loved someone. If you ask me what's the solution..

    You went away from Allah. Just go back to Him, only that can give you the strength to avoid him. Pray to Allah, cry at him. He will respond. I know many girls who had similar issues but committed again and again. Also have the examples where few followed this way and moved on their life

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