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Breaking wudu….?

Dua hands with water drops, dua', duaa

please do tell what breaks wudu??? sometimes i feel air coming out of anal area/ vagina....does that break wudu...i read about it in a magazine that its not like normal thing of passing air, so it doesn't break wudu...tell me your opinion...i am continuing my salah as per my knowledge...


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  1. Salaams dear sister,
    Hopefully the following articles will clear you confusion, inshAllah.



  2. Sister,

    There are different opinion among the scholars of islam regarding this topic. If you could tell your mazhab, answer becomes easier.

    I am a shafi mazhab and according to shafi mazhab, wudhu breaks by whatever you mentioned, But it should be confirmed. Doubt over that will be break wudhu. I mean if you doubt, did the air come out or it was some other sound. Then wuzhu wont be broken according shafi mazhhab.

    Pray for all us.

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