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He was breastfed by her stepmother, is their marriage haram?


Does sharing the same breast milk as babies make you mahram to each other?

Salam alaikum,

A friend of mine is married to someone who was breastfed by her step mother. It's all most been 40 yrs since they've been married,  they have kids and grand kids.

Now they have heard that they are like siblings since the lady's stepmother breast fed the husband. I want to know what  they have to do now since they've  been together for 40 yrs.

Is it haram for them to be husband and wife or not?

- grana

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  1. grana, Wa alaykum as-salam. There is no blood relationship between the woman and her stepmother. Therefore it makes no difference if her husband was breast fed by her stepmother. It certainly does not affect their marriage in any way.

    Anyone who would tell them that after 40 years of marriage their marriage is invalid because of something completely irrelevant, is someone who is trying to stir up trouble and create fitnah. That person is a trouble maker and should be avoided.

    IslamicAnswers.,com Editor

  2. salaam aleikum,
    Br.Wael, I suggest, you do some research on this issue, because i think it is actually forbidden in islam for two people breastfed by the same woman to get married, and I believe there is even a report from the Holy Prophet(Swalallahu alaihi wa salaam) forbiding a woman to breastfeed any child that is not her own in order to avoid situations like the one the questioner mentioned; but before the Prophet(Swalallahu alaihi wa salaam) came, people were breastfeeding children that were not their own but when He(swalallahu alaihi wa salaam) came He forbade all of that.
    Allahu 'Alaam.
    Please let us know what you find out, Salaam.

    • cinci, I am well aware of the rulings on the subject. Please re-read grana's post. They were not breastfed by the same woman. She said that the husband was breastfed by the stepmother. She never said that the wife was breastfed by the stepmother.

      And you are wrong about breastfeeding someone else's child, there is nothing wrong with it.

      Wael Editor

      • wael, the title does say breastfed by the same woman and i guess it got stuck in my mind, also regarding my comment, that is what I was told i think but i guess i was lazy to verify the ruling myself, anyway i hope there is a way to delete it, because i hate falsehood and I am surely not trying to spread it.

  3. Grana, Wael, Cinci,

    Please read the following links on breastfeeding in Islam:

    SisterZ Editor

  4. Jazzakallahu khair SisterZ for the links, May Allah TA'ALA forgive us all and accept our efforts in his path, Ameen.

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