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Broken vow or not

Assalam u allakum brothers and sisters.I need your help.I don't know what to do. A few months ago I make a vow on Quran which I forget now but a few sentence I remembered that I do not make any stranger my brother and I do not do that again. after that I talk to a boy who is seven years younger than me .we are good friends.we wants to marry but as our age differ is too long so I think it would not be possible.

Now I feel scared that by talking to the boy my vow got breaker.what I do?and if I said anybody brother than is my vow break?


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  1. I assume you're too young and naive .
    Never ever make any promise to Allah no matter what because when you vow Satan accompany you personally and will make you break it .
    Fast for three days is required I think for the broken vows .

    Keep yourself away from that young boy , he's in stage of harmonies and nothing else .

  2. I recommend just losing contact with this boy. It may be hard at first, but lose contact. If you break a vow say astaghfirullah. Also fast for 3 days because of a broken vow/promise. Both of you are most likely hormonal at your ages.

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