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Can a married woman who is tortured physically and mentally by husband be accepted?

unhappy woman, sad and alone,


My question is very typical...

I have a poor driver who is illiterate n doesn't know how to read quran.. n also far from namaz.. he stayed at one of my building with his wife n three children.. children going school.. n wife strict on namaz n quran...

gradually his wife came closer to me and expected help from me as her husband was a brutual minded person who restricted her always from offering namaz as he used to rape her forcibly without her consent twice or thrice daily till she bleeded severely n never gave her medical treatment for that... also having a good income he never arranged full diet or school fee for his family.

I couldn't see such pitiable condition of the woman n. children so I started helping her with money secretly although I requested him several times to pay attention to his family which he ignored.

This affection made us closer n we were closer to intercourse several time but allah sbtla prevented us from that extent so I convinced her to strictly offer namaz as I am punctual to it. Now alhdllah she is stuck with namaz n quran but this activity increased the rage of her husband and he started beating her black n blue.

She asked him to renounce her but alleged me of raping her so that I could go on backfoot for fear of dignity. Also he refused to divorce her and scared her to her father's house snatching all her three children n coerced her to go to a secret place where he could again torture her n rape brutually. If any of the woman family members requested him to not to do so he warned that he has license of nikah n he will do what he will. He snatched her mobile n money which I provided her in order to help in such difficult situation.

Now my question is..

1.can such person be considered a Muslim

2.if he refuses to renounce her how can I owe her lawfully.. she accepts better to live as my slave than his wife .

3.what we did we repent for that to Allah.. plz advice me in detail



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  1. Ask a imam

  2. NOOOOOOO this person is not a humanbeing.My brother there alot of muslims in the world by name.But most of them do not follow the correct teachings of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.Success in this world and in the hereafter is only obeying Allahs commandments and follow the prophets example.A women has more rights then husband.She can LEAVE by making khullah.This man will be answerable to Allah oneday and his life will not go very far if he coninues because when the punishment comes then it will be too late to make repentance.....And you also committed a big wrong and it is serious.The angels curse theses kind of actions that take place on earth...
    ..My advice that she ahould go in iddat then after 4 months you marry her....Other then this she sholud have contact the authorities.....This is serious.The devils have all hurt and played everyone

    • Aa,

      Evil, selfish people do inhumane things in the name of Islam. His behaviour has no place in Islam or any religion except that of the sadistic owned by the shaitan. She can seek kullah and should get it. But first of all - which country are you both in? If in a western country - get him arrested and take her away and the children to safety. Don't leave her with her family - they are obviously confused about what is the right thing to do - which is to protect her and the kids.

      Then get the khulla. May Allah SWT end her suffering soon. Please help her to help herself and protect those children.


  3. If you're planning on marrying her then she should be able to get a divorce and then you can marry her. I don't think he has to agree to the divorce, she's not his property. She should be able to get a divorce because she wants one.

  4. Asalaamu alaikum,
    I hope I am able to answer your questions:
    1. Yes, he actually is considered a Muslim although he does this stuff. Anyone who has an atoms worth of Iman is considered Muslim, so as long as he believes in one God and worships Allah the answer is yes. BUT, By all means, this does not justify his actions.
    2. I am not quite sure, never knew much about this topic, I'm sorry.
    3. Of course you can repent my brother. You are right when you say that what you did is sin, because Allah tells us not even to go near zina. But as long as you are sincere and repent wholeheartedly, inshAllah you will be forgiven.

    There is this lecture I just absolutely love called "Ahmad the repenter " by shaikh bilal al Assad, you can look it up on YouTube. Inshallah it will teach you valuable lessons and help you with your issue, namely your apparent concern in question three.

    May Allah help you, and the sister who is going through hardship. Ameen.

  5. just wondering why post takes SO SO long to be published. If someone needs advice asap it's almost impossible to get a response fairly quickly.

  6. You starting affair with her under this situation is unacceptable and sinfull. You should leave them and mind your own buisness.

  7. to have relation with a slave is unacceptable without nikkah. you have to marry her and fulfill her rights haq maher etc . without nikkah it will be considered as zina. thanks

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