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Can a muslim girl marry a muslim boy 4 years younger?


Assalamu Alaikkum. I am from Sri Lanka and 34 years old girl. but still not marry anyone. my mother and me searching a groom I dont know Allah's kadha kadhr it is not work out. In my hometown 99% girls marrying while in below 24. boys below 28 or 30. after that no boys for early marriage. and when proposal coming parents building a individual house for every individual daughter. but I dont have house and parents also has not that facility to build a house. so no any early marriage proposal didnot come to me. ever in my life in hometown. when I was 25 Allah's kadha qadhr I have got an employment opportunity in our capital. so I went to there for work and stayed for a rented annex. now I am started to building a house. but second time marrying proposals are coming but saying your works is out of town and you are staying there. we are not interested. then If I say I will drop job they are asking completed house. but I dont have that much completed house. I am building house also by bank loan through my job. Now I got a new proposal from in my working town. but the boy is working in US. he is 30 years old. and he already married for four months then divorced when he was in 20 years old. I contact him by proposal advertisement. i asked about him. he also asked about me. after he is agreed to marry. but I wanted to tell this to my parents. before that I am thinking is this person will be ok for me?
now I finding a decision. but I am unable to take it. he will come to Sri Lanka in another two months time If I am ok for marry me.

so I would like to get your advices for my thinking issue to take a decision on soon Insha Allah


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  1. Why don't you look aND learn the biography of prophet Muhammad PBUH. IF you don't know anything about him.HOW IS IT YOU WILL ENTER PARADISE.EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR for a role model in life. People are searching for success in wealth fame you name it....But know this The true success is Obeying the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH. OTHERWISE you will live in this world chasing it and Allah will fill your heart with worries and problems will come ......So learn Islam and obey commandments. Pray Salah and master it (rules n Condition ) read quran daily and help everyone find there peace .Give DAWAH and feed poor..Allah will take you to great heights in success in both of the world's! !! Marry who you choose old young .Does it matter?As long as they have Proper Iman because this is the key to a happy marriage.Don't be fooled because of a person's wealth or intelligence. These are the illusions of SHAITAN.So peace out

  2. Sister, you need to take the time you learn about our prophet Mohammed pbuh as he's first wife was much older than him, 4 years is nothing!

    Before entering this marriage I suggest you learn more about the Quran and the Hadiths so you can learn how to be a better Muslim and a good wife.

    • I agree with sister Aminah. It is very important that we learn the roles of husband and wife.
      Sister, I can understand your feelings about marriage. But what we are saying is just for you to have a better married life. Learn what is important that one should look at in a spouse. I am not saying that the person you are you met is good or bad for you. In the end you are the one who has to make the decision. We are just telling you to acquire a better criterion for the spouse.
      And please dont feel discourages. Alhamdulillah you got a proposal, that is a good thing. But we are saying just also learn what is good to look in a spouse. And really just studying this topic, "marriage" I mean, will take much of your time even. Read how beautifully the Prophet treated his wives, and how the wives treated him in utmost love and respect.
      For starters you can read some topics on this forum. I personally like the articles and lectures on very beneficial and useful. Also you can listen to some lectures on Mufti Menk, Shaikh Omer Sulaiman etc on marriage. Study this topic of marriage from Islamic perspective, it will help you alot in taking more firm decision about the person.

      Oh and finally, age does not matter. Prophet P.B.U.H. married khadija R.A. even though she was much older than him. And he loved her immensly. So in short both of you and him should be compatible, thats the only thing which matters.

      Salam Alaikum

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