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Can a Muslim guy talk to his female married cousin?

Is it allowed for a Muslim guy to talk to his married female cousin?

What are the ethics between men and women in this situation?

- Katrina013

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  1. No, you can only use sign language. Or smoke signals like the Indians.

    I'm just kidding, sorry. So yes, a man can talk to his married cousin, but it should be for a necessary purpose. Not just to chat, hang out, be buddies, etc, because that could lead to sin, and furthermore could lead people to suspect a sinful relationship between you, which can be just as damaging. And whatever talk happens, should not happen in private.

    If a man needs a friend, let him seek it from among other men. That's the Islamic way.

    Wael Editor

  2. If you talk over and over and starts getting closer then might end up having some thing between both of you .
    Even if you dont develop any such feelings but still there can be mis understandings unnecessarily .
    Just can talk only necessity based and not too much private talk .We have seen even married girls too fall for affair with cousins etc .So better keep a distance .

  3. Asalamualaykum Katrina,

    As the others have said, it should only happen if necessary. Preferably in a group setting. Unless there is some kind of emergency such as family abuse that needs to be reported and she is the only one who might be receptive to the idea, or if you two have a mutual acquaintance who has asked for a message to be delivered, etc. Basically, use discretion.



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