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Can Allah forgive these kind of people?

teenage teacher student

If he or she has pornographic fantasies or writing erotica in fanfiction or fiction, can Allah forgive them?


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  1. Why do Muslims believe they have to be these rigid and boring asexual beings? It's not haram to have fantasies, write about your fantasies, or even live your fantasies out with your spouse.

    • Lindita ,

      You meant to say all fantasies are fine ?
      For example If wife or husband fantasize about other person do you think its fine ?

  2. know this answer but you havnt gave it a chance to honestly answer of Allah name is Al rahman..the merciful....most his merci is over his anger..otherwise we would be destroyed for the sins we when we do wrong we make tauba and repent not to do it again...salat 5 times which is compulsory on us and reading quran protects and keeps us sharp and careful. The heart is like a mirror ..if it is dirty with sins then it doesnt reflect..on the otherhand if we polish our hearts with zikr.....then it will be shiny and are faces wull show it

  3. Salaam Alaikum
    Maybe spend less time on the soap box and be concerned about ones own forgiveness.

  4. I need help
    I’m 16 and I’m addicted to self pleasure habit
    I don’t watch full on porn while doing it but inappropriate stuff like kissing, making out, spanking, etc...... so I wanna make it clear I don’t watch pornographers while doing the sin, but I do watch inappropriate stuff while doing it which I know is not good.....I am so addicted my drive is so high it’s all I think about, I feel like I have to do the habit frequently in order to release sexual tension....pls reply

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