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Can his first wife put us in jail?

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I was converted to Islam since 2010 in Kuwait without a certificate. When I was in Dubai in 2012, I got my certificate of Islam. My husband is also a Muslim converted in Dubai since 2012 but he doesn't get a certificate for they misplace his documents in their office. But still, he is continuing Islam even without a certificate. He was married before in Catholic by 2004. And they are separated verbally for his wife is a gambler, spender and even can't take care her only child because she is gambling the whole day. She doesn't save money in the bank for 10 years remittance from abroad. She doesn't even construct a good house for them. A house is only a nipa hut.


I am also separated with my husband before since I left the Philippines going to Kuwait. And we both agree on it.


By 2014, we got married here in the Philippines at the mosque and conducted by Imam. We have our certificate in NSO.


Our problem is, his 1st wife always demanding for money. They were already separated for 7 years now. We already gave her before 25thousand pesos (her demand is 50 thousand pesos but we can't afford that amount)  for her to stop on messing us. We are almost pocket empty that time because we were paying the credits cards debt that he and his 1st wife used before. She doesn't worry even if his husband will be in jail, she doesn't care.  But until now she is still messing us. She even gets a Cenomar in the NSO and keep us threatening that they will put as in jail because she is the legal wife.

I am planning for annulment, but it is very expensive and it takes too long.

I thought, our both marriage before when we are catholic are dissolve after we are converted to Islam, almost 3 years when I got married to him. And he is 2 years converted into Islam before we got married.


What will happen to our marriage with my husband now? We are having our second baby by March and I am fully stressed on what his 1st wife is doing. They have a child but she is not using his father's surname for she is born outside of wedlock.


Is it possible that she can put us in jail? Does our marriage is not valid? Is the 1st marriage is not annulled even though he is converted 2 years in Islam already before we got married?


InshaAllah  I will be enlightened




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  1. Sister there are quite a few issues you need advice with. Some of these issues will relate to the particular country you are living in now. If his ex wife lives in a different country then there are possibly international laws involved. There's also the huge matter of whether your marriage is Islamically valid.

    I don't know how much people on this forum might be able to help though I'm sure we will try.

    I think you need legal advice from a solicitor as well as religious advice from a scholar. Please make this a priority as his ex wife seem to be blackmailing you both. She really doesn't care whether one or both of you go to prison. She only cares about extorting money from you. Don't give her a dime. She is a bully and we should not give in to bullies. Tell her you are getting legal advice and will report her for blackmail. Hopefully that should be enough to get her to leave you alone so you can stop living in fear of her and focus on your marriage.

    All the best.

  2. Salam,
    Please dopnt take it offensive! But wouldnt everything easier, and more simlpe if both of you finished the previous marriage before even looking for the other one?
    About the first wife, ya, maybe she is a bully but maybe just was waiting for her husband for years when he got the second wife behinde her we know the other side of the story?
    IF you became a second wife withouth the first approval/you marrie with the second woman without the first agreement-well dont get surprise for the consecvencies.........................(even some Islamic school doesnt request the first wife approval)
    About your situation, I think both of you have to finish official the previous relationships. You shouldnt pay to his first wife, but use the money to finishing the previous marriages.

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