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Can I divorce my wife without having intercourse with her?

Forced marriage

Forced Marriage

My parents want I marry with their friend's daughter. I am not interested there. I told this to my parents but they force me. I cry in front of them, I try my best to stop them but they do not care. They stop talking with me and said, if I do not marry there then, their relation with me is over. How my parents behave with me, I agree for marry with their friend daughter.

After marriage my wife does not care of my happiness and my feelings. She make fun of me by behave in strange manner when we went to any relative home or in any function. I marry 2 year before but we do not do intercourse with each other. I want to divorce her.

I know I will burn in hell after death. Can I do divorce her with out intercourse with her and what can I do that Allah forgive me for my this act?


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  1. You can divorce her and there will be no waiting period for her after marriage.

    Brother, you should not say that you will burn in Hell. Firstly, you do not know that. Secondly, your parents were wrong to force you into marriage, this is not valid in Islam. Finally, if you really feel guilt for divorcing her, pray to Allah for forgiveness, He is All-Merciful and forgives all sins Inshallah, if we sincerely repent.

    I hope that this painful experience has taught you to stand up for yourself and be strong. Although our parents can exercise a lot of emotional and mental pressure on us, ultimately we are the ones who sign the contract, therefore you must remember that no one can force you to do something you don't want to do. Say no and stick to it, and inshallah Allah will give you the strength you need to assert yourself.

  2. This is just bad parenting. Why parents force their children to marry someone their not interested in is beyond my understanding. Their ruining two lives, how do they sleep at night.

    You can divorce your wife without consummating the marriage. I pray Allah swt gives you both comfort and happiness, whether that's together or with a different spouse, ameen.

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