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Can I do Hilala with her?


Separation and Halaalah

I m interested to a Hilala with my wife's younger sister, can I do?


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  1. Simple Answer Fear Allah

  2. So-called "Halala" is a major sin in Islam. The Prophet (sws) cursed those who engage in this practice, as it makes a mockery of marriage and divorce.

    I answered this question before here: I need a divorced couple so we can do halala for each other

    And also see this more detailed article that I wrote in 2009: Is "Tahleel" Marriage Permissible? (Also Called Halala)

    IslamicAnswers.,com Editor

  3. No, never

    1) Planned Halala is haraam .

    2)Having wife and sister in your marriage at the same time is haraam( even if it is not halaala ).

    So its double haraam .

  4. Astaghfarullah brother. Have some shame and fear of Allah.

    Your mind has become that of a shaytaan. Repent and seek forgiveness from Allah for these disgusting and sinful thoughts

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