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Can I do istekhara to marry someone after my khula and iddat while I am in a process of taking khula?

Young Muslim woman making dua

Assalam o alaikum

i got married and it din't work out well. i have appealed for khula. the khula case is in court and the case is almost done so i will be getting khula soon. i want to know if it is permissible to do istehara to marry someone else while i am in the process of taking khula. or i should do the istekhara when the khula is done and the iddat is completed?

also i have only lived with my husband for 10 days and its been 5 years we havent been together so is iddat period still necessary for me?


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  1. Don't rush into things...Islam teaches you to be patient and to make mashurrah with the learned..We have to ask ourselves are we ready for marriage...Marriage is a big test ...So if Iman is not correct and established then all will fall.

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