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Can I get khula?

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I just wanted to know would I be able to khula? I got married not long ago he lives abroad. We had no love in our relationship so we didn't sleep together or anything. I've asked for talaq but he doesn't want to give it until I don't call him over to the UK.


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  1. It's quite early to be considering divorce/khulla, no? Love - especially if it is an arranged marriage doesn't develop until the couple start living together, get to know one another and share intimate moments together. Itnseems like you both live in different countries so perhaps it would help to live together. If I was in your position i would go and stay with him in his country and see how things go, obviously you need to make sure that he's not asking you to call him over just for a visa and then he will divorce you. Are you generally physically attracted to one another? What has stopped you from sleeping together? Anyway, my general advice would be to give your marriage a chance, get to really know him and spend time with him. If things still don't work out or you think he has only married you for material gains then I guess you can ask for khula.

  2. Assalam alaikum,

    If you asked for talaq and he is willing to give it on the condition that you sponsor him to the UK this is a red flag. It probably means he is using you for citizenship.

    You should seriously consider whether or not to proceed because when you asked for talaq, his response should have been either 1) Yes, because we are not compatible OR 2) No, I want to work on our marriage--NOT, Yes, as soon as I get to the UK.

    May Allah help you through this difficulty, Ameen.

  3. Well sorry to be blunt,did you not think about all these things before you got married?

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