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Can I give myself lashes for fornication?

Dear May Allah forgive us all for our sins.
I have a question in my mind that can we our self give the lashes that are for punishment after committing zina/fornication(not adultery)??


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  1. No that will be classed as self harm which is also a sin in Islam. Person should just repent and ask Allah for forgiveness and not do the act again

  2. Just repent with the intention not to come back again. May Allah forgive us all. Amen

  3. assalam alaikum
    sister you should not do that kind of act because harming your self is also a sin so you should asks allah for forgiveness and he will forgive you inshallah.allah says if you commited sins that their range reached to sky from the earth and space between them will be filled full of sins and you asks just one time from allah to forgive your sins allah forgive all of your sins instantly the time you asks allah for forgiveness.

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