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Can I have merchandise associated with Thor?

Definition of shirk

Definition of shirk

[Editor's note: For people who aren't familiar with the character, the character 'Thor' appears in various Marvel comic books and films, including the 'Avengers' series which has been popular recently.]

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


As we all know, there is a trend of Comic Book movies & at some point people all like at least one character - due to his personality or his powers or his gadgets. But along with these fictional characters come along some real characters comics modified version, such as Thor & Odin. Now almost everyone likes Thor and even if they don't, they like his Hammer (Mjölnir). But if you will do some digging you will find out that Thor, Odin, Loki etc... All of them are Norse Gods & the Vikings used to worship them.

A couple of weeks ago I was planning on creating the Thor Hammer but a thing came into my mind. "What if I was doing Shirq or about to?" I mean we would never have a Hindu God Three Headed Spear in our home and even if someone does, people will start saying that it is Kufr. So, can I place Thor Hammer in my house?

So that's the reason why I am posting this question to your website. I also searched The Internet but all I found was a cluster of different opinions, half of them saying that it is and half of them saying that it isn't....

So, My Good Brothers and Sisters Please Help Me.


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  1. If your in doubt about something , its better to not act upon it or go through with it. Furthermore in this specific scenario the risk isn't worth it

  2. It is better not have anything - symbols, or sacred things - in our house that associate with other religions.

    Abdul Sattar

  3. The original Thor was a false god - an idol, no different from Al-Lat and Al-Uzza, the idols of the Arabs. The fact that these Norse "gods" have now been made into comic book figures and movie heroes does not change that they are emblems of shirk.

    If you think about it, this is all an aspect of the disappearance of faith in God in the western world. Religion is disappearing in the West, to be replaced by pop culture depictions of magic, the occult, superheroes and false gods. We Muslims must resist this trend. We can't let ourselves get sucked into this, because it undermines our deen and our belief in tawheed.

    The fact that these false beliefs are packaged as entertainment is what makes it so insidious. You don't take it seriously, and the next thing you know you are committing shirk without meaning to.

    It's best to avoid all of this.

    Wael Editor

    • Dear Wael

      You raised a good point. The concept of super-hero emerged when west abandoned the concept of God delivered by religion and try to find that God in person own's self for e.g. Friedrich Nietzsche was the main motivating force behind that concept.

  4. Dear Brother

    Your house is a place not for just you but your family too. If you place that piece of art in house, your children will grow gradually attaching to "Thor".

    House is a place where you leave your professional life behind. I would not post or hang things associated even with my field work in my house.

    I think that you if you have a strong urge to create that piece of art than you may hang it in your comic book shop or donate it to to some art gallery or museum.

    But do not place it in house as your house belongs to your family not your field work.

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