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Can I marry a christian man who is willing to convert?

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Im 17 years old and need advice asap. I am currently in a relationship with a non-muslim man who is willing to convert and wants to marry me. What i want to know, is it still possible to marry him if he just converts?


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  1. If he is embracing Islam than let him accept and first say him to learn about Islam and better give him couple of months to understand Islam and to be a practising Muslim ,offering 5 times namaz a day and learning hadees.
    This love is not eternal the real love is for Allah and that is eternal please go through hadees and Quran on daily basis you will realise which I can't explain yet.
    We came in the world only for exam.
    We have do die and go to Allah and we have came there it self. Once the world will end your parents your hubby won't give u a single believe in qayamat there will be only Allah mercy and our prophet recommendations.So love Allah and our prophet be practising Muslim.

  2. Dear Sister Rima.
    Islam does not allows the marriage between a Non-Muslim man and Muslim women. However, if he converts to Islam, then he is Halal to you. And such marriage to you is valid in Islam.

  3. Aselamu Aleykum Sis Rima_khanom

    you can't marry this guy. Don't take the risk. First, he should accept that Islam is the right religion. He plans to embrace Islam just for you not because he accepts that Islam is the right way. So make sure he loves Islam first, After he marries you, he might goes back to his first religion moreover he might not allow you to practice your religion. so it is not a good idea to marry a non muslim, Allahu A'elem

  4. Your still young. You may change your mind or even better find a nice Muslim guy . No need to rush to get married give it time

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