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Shia and Sunni Marriage

Shia and Sunni Marriage


I wanted the authentic Islamic information. Please help me in knowing that I am a sunni Muslim and want to marry a shia Muslim man. He is Naqvi shia. He is having strong faith on Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W,P.B.U.H) as our last Holy Prophet (S.A.W,P.B.U.H), Alhamdulillah, believer of five times of Prayers, keeps respect of Hazrat Ali(R), Hazrat Fatima(R), Hazrat Imam Hassan(R) and Hussain(R) too much being family of our Holy Prophet (S.A.W,P.B.U.H).

He does believe on Muta but not the practising one, he never keeps faith on Hazrat Ayesha(R) and our three Khaleefaz Hazrat Abubakar Siddique(R)Hazrat Umar(R)Hazrat Usman Ghani(R) but keeps respect as Sahaba-e-karam and never curses them!

In case of doing Matam (beat and injured themselves during the month of Moharram as a protest) he do believe that and he has done matam whole of his life but now when I took stand for the up coming kids he said I will not do matam and our kids will also not do that, InshaAllah! He is the believer of our Holy Book Quran!

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