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Can I marry her?

Salam Alaikum, My name is A**** A**** from Nigeria.


Its actually not that complicated

We are six in my family including my Dad and Mum making it eight. I am the First Son of my Dad and Fourth child in my family, there is three girls. Ahead of me and two boys after me, making it six.

The first Daughter of my dad (my Sister)got  married to another family called SALAMI’s FAMILY. My sister’s Husband have a Senior Brother ( same mother same father). His senior brother had a Daughter. I and her Daughter are in love.

Is it Right for us to get Married or not.

Pls I need ur Assistance, and to explain to me if we are compatable or Not with Explanation back it up with a reference from the Holy Book and Hadith.

Thank may Almighty Allah reward you.

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  1. These women aren't allowed to get married with:
    Mother (own or step), own sister (or her daughter), own brother's daughter (or her daughter, mother of father or mother. Sister of father or mother, daughter(or her children). A man also can't marry his mother-in-law or mother of the girl he had sexual relation with. Getting married with two girls, who can't marry each other if one of them is imagined to be a boy, is haraam (disallowed). Such as two sister (same mum & pa) but it's allowed to marry one after other's death or divorce.

    Daughter of your broughter's brother-in-law you asked about is halaal for you. So there is no religious problem if you marry her. Mind it - MAKING LOVE WITH A GIRL BEFORE MARRIAGE IS NOT ALLOWED IN ISLAM.

  2. It's allowed to marry daughter of brother-in-law of you own sister. You asked about this. Sorry for typing mistake.

  3. Of course you are allowed to marry her, if you think about it she is not related to you in anyway.

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