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Can I marry him even though he is not Syed caste?

Ants have castes (show here are a male, queen and worker). Human beings should not have castes!

Ants have castes (show here are a male, queen and worker). Human beings should not have castes!


I am working lady, 30 year old. I am a Syed girl and want to be marry with a guy who belongs to another cast and he also want. but my family said to me that it is wrong in islam. Syed girl can't marry in other cast even he can protect me like a shelter in real meaning, he is educated and decent man .

My parents wants an undertaking from my side in shape of un_married life till my death, if i cant accept their choice.

Please guide me about my problem i am suffering stress because its matter of my questions are below;

1-Can a syed girl marry in other cast?

2-Can i marry against my family, Have i right?







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  1. See this in youtube its ur answer

    "Syed can marry a non syed - Pir Naseeruddin سیدانی کی غیر سید سے شادی"

    And I have 2 friends one has a sayyed mother and non sayyed father, other has his sayyed sister married to a non sayyed
    Pir syed Nasser uddin late was the son of Pir syed mehr Ali shah r.a

  2. Assalam Alaikam my reply to sister Janat who asked about cast or syed marriage ?,,
    Dear sister first of all I am not scholar so you still can search through Google or from welknown scholar but as from since thirty five years of my life I never heard that Muslim to Muslim cannot marriage you might know that there is Hadeeth about the marriage choice there are three or four option given and the best option to choose the wife cause of her deen and if it's come to the family back ground low cast and upper cast this is all the Hindu culture ,,according to my experience I am one of the person who. Has hurted by such cultures where just father or family choose the girl without the man choices even if the boy not agree but still they push him for the marrige this is all stupidity there is no syed or peeir or Mullah in Islam for the marrige it's not unlawful act to marrige with any Muslim girl whatever her family background ,,about your family just ignore all of them but try your best to convince your parents they are your wali their permission required talk to them through any of the scholar you are on right side ,best regards

  3. 1-Can a syed girl marry in other cast?

    You can marry him there is no cast in Islam.

    2-Can i marry against my family, Have i right?

    If they are saying something to you that is unislamic then you are not required to obey them in that.

  4. If he is a Muslim boy than you can marry with him but Islam doesn't allow marry with Nonmuslims. "The Quran Says Do Not Marry With Nonmuslim"

  5. What is a Syed caste? Can someone please explain.

    • It is supposedly someone who is descended from the Prophet Muhammad (sws), though I have read that historically many non-syeds assumed this title for themselves to grant themselves extra status, especially if they were wealthy or powerful, for example converts from Hindu upper castes.

      We do not have castes in Islam. This is all emulation of the Hindus. The caste system is one of the worst creations of Hinduism. It is inherently oppressive. These are artificial divisions, not sanctioned by Allah or Islam. We should not try to adopt them.

      Wael Editor

  6. Assalam alaikum,

    Dear Sister,

    I am going to guess that you are from the Indian subcontinent, in which case, how could your family truly be Syed unless some true Syed married out of their family as the Prophet, peace be upon him, was an Arab?

    In Pakistan, India, Bangladesha (etc), these sorts of things are common, but nothing common sense about them.

    • Those who consider themselves syed believe they are descended from Arab descendants of the Prophet (sws) who migrated to the subcontinent. The problem is that unless they have a written lineage going all the way back, there's no way to prove such claims. It's known that many people historically assumed this title without any actual lineage.

      Even if they could prove it, we have no castes in Islam.

      Wael Editor

  7. Hi I'm Ali ? Big deal ...Learn your Deen correctly and understand it. This is just plain stupidity and ignorance amongst families who live accordingly to culture traditions..It has Noooo place in Islam for this....behavior. ....when we marry different countries we bri ng the world together..

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