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Can I marry my Christian girlfriend online?

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Can I marry my girlfriend online? She is a Christian woman and I am Muslim.


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  1. Don't you want to meet her first?

  2. What kind of question is this? And how in the world can you get married online, first off.

    I don't understand how editors let people post these kinds of questions online.

  3. Tammy. . . . U have not answered d question he asked u. U only scare him away with ur words. At least give him d honor for him even coming here to ask his question. It may be that he dont know and he need some enlightment.

  4. Majid,

    The mere fact that you had to ask this question blows my mind. Would you marry a Muslim woman via the internet? I think not. Is the fact that she is of the Christian faith make her less worthy of you meeting her parents and going about things the right way?

    Seriously dude, marriage is a life long commitment to a woman whom you want to spend your life with...the woman who will have and raise your children. Marrying any woman via the internet is unbelievably irresponsible on your part and simply put...stupid.

    You want to marry things the right way and meet her parents...her family. No marriage on earth is worth tying the knot via the world wide web. You may find that you get more than you bargain for!


  5. Hi brother.marring online it is not at all a have to meet her first & get married in the way of sunnah and shariah and there must be a guidance and witness around and did anyone knows that u are contacting with this girl like your parents or anyone from your family.and is this girl truly wants to marry you? And in Islam it Haram to contact with a non-mehram and she is not your mehram and i thick that you have to ask Allahs forgiveness and cut this relationship. As she is a christian why dont u at least try to tell her something about Islam i thick it was better then making this relationship she might accept it if Allah wills and Allah will be please with you.make this relationship a relationship for Allahs seek not a relationship for satan.and ask Allahs forgiveness may Allah forgive u and all of us.

  6. Majid

    Ask yourself, will you conduct your marriage (for the rest of your life) online!
    I'm assuming the anser is a resounding 'No'. Hence do not marry online. Meet her and her family and then decide whether she is right for you.

  7. salaam

    i just cant comprehend why a muslim would want to give his future children a disbelieving mother, when he could give them a believing perfect muslimah.
    it doesnt make sence atall.

    brother, how would you feel if your father gave you a disbelieving mother by marrying a nonmuslim woman?
    how would you feel?
    wallaahi, you would be overtaken by such an enormous grief and sadness.because to know that your mother is a disbeliever and if she dies in such state, you know where her eternall destination is!

    brother, im telling you, we cant imagine the grief, sadness that a parent of ours being a disbeliver brings, we wouldnt be able to sleep.

    so therefore, if you would like to have a believing mother, why put your children through a hardship you cant concieve.

    brother, pease dont marry anything otherthan a muslimah

    it is hated that a muslim maries a nonmuslimah whist there are mcountles muslim women who want husbands.

    Allaah ma'ak

  8. @ Abu Az-zubayr, ur respond is so harsh, am sorry 2 say seems u v gat so mny muslimah around u looking for husbands.. There are better ways to go about it nd advice him... Dating online isnt good cos you dnt knw who he/she is, who knows he /she may be given false info? Meet, nd talk over it, meet d relatives nd families, if its worth going to, so be it.. May Allah bless us alll

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