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Can I marry my Muslim boyfriend after converting?

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I'm a Filipina, separated for 7 yrs with 2 kids.

Im converting to muslim not just to marry my boyfriend but to have peace of mind and be happy in life same as my friends. I'm not annulled with my catholic husband but for how long I can remarry if we're both muslims? If in case that duration time finishes can I marry here in Dubai court even without those annulments papers shown? Or if ever I get pregnant before marrying is the baby allowed to have the muslim father's name?

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  1. Sister,

    You are a married woman, separated or not. You have a boyfriend but legally you are still married to your husband. For all intents and are a married woman no matter what you current living situation is.


  2. Assalaamualaikam

    If you and your husband married in the Philippines, you could look into the Code of Muslim Personal Laws that is used there. A lawyer experienced in this field may be able to advise, or you could contact a mosque in the Philippines for advice about how to proceed. There are provisions in this Code for Islamic legal separation. This would only be applicable if you are Muslim, and if you aren't, then you would need to go through the standard annulment process.

    In both civil and Islamic law, you're married to your husband. Therefore, you can't marry anyone else until you end that relationship.

    In Islam, pre-marital romantic relationships aren't allowed, at all. Your boyfriend should not be involved in a romantic relationship outside of marriage - if he has those feelings for you, he needs to wait until the two of you can legally marry before acting on them... And he certainly shouldn't be having sexual contact with you.

    If you decide to accept Islam, make sure you do so for the right reasons and make sure you try your hardest to live your life by Islamic principles.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. OP: Or if ever I get pregnant before marrying is the baby allowed to have the muslim father's name?

    You are not supposed to be in a sexual relationship with your Muslim boyfriend before you marry him?

  4. Assalamallaikum.

    I met a muslim guy and we became friends. He introduced me to his Family as friend also. I am so in touched with his family and mostly his mom loves me a lot like his own daughter. I am already reading Quran in tagalog and english version for seeking the truth before I met this guy. I converted to New Islamic
    last May but officially i got my certificate from Sharia court a month ago. When his family new that I converted
    I dont know what they have discussed but on eday he came to me and asking me to marry him. I asked him why he wants to marry me and he replied to me nad says I am a virtuous woman and He and his family cannot let the opportunity to let me go and for him not to marry me but I told him, I am married when I was a christian and I filed my annulment a year ago but it still not finished. As far of my Knowledge, I cant marry him in anyway unless I got my paper and marriage annuled. I want to say yes with him but I know he is a good man. Can anyone in postion can give me the best advice of what I need and have to do?

    Please anyone with a good knowledge about this case can help me.

  5. I am a nonmuslim girl. I have a muslum boyfriend.what is the procedure of converting to muslim and then marrying him? Please tell me in details and what document would I need for this procedure. And what time is required me to get the legal documents of our marriage? Please tell me...

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