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Can I marry secretly to a girl with whom I am living like a married couple?

Secret relationships are a bad idea

Not that I'm in the habit of taking advice from church billboards, but in this case they have a point. Secret relationships are always a mistake.

I am in a deep love with a girl for 3 months to save ourselves from gunah I want to marry because it will take five years to marry because our study will be completed at that time only ,what is process of secret marriage in Islam so that the gawah will be Allah and the male partner itself.


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  1. Please stop playing word games. There is no secret marriage in Islam. Married people have problems. If you have a secret marriage, when you have problems, how will you be able to seek good advice? Don't you want to be respected by friends and family? And more important for Allah to love you. If you are in a secret marriage, that will not happen.

    First, be honest with yourself and the woman you are living with. Your relationship is haraam. Marry the woman and live together as husband and wife. If you can live together, sleep in the same bed, have sex with this woman, why can't you marry her now. Speak to your parents about your situation. If necessary, ask them for a loan to help support you and the woman until you finish school. Many parents of young adult children offer to do this. They do not really want to finance a new couple in a relationship, but are willing to do this to help their son or daughter avoid zina. Your posted had limited details, so my response is based only on information provided.

  2. I wish I could high five you in the face right now. Please stop chasing after girls like a lewd bull and use your time to study a bit of Islam instead, before you think of women and 'secret marriages'. Then you'd know that there is absolutely NO such things as 'secret marriage' in Islam. If you want to get married, either do it properly or don't do it at all. End of story.

  3. Every marriage has ALLAH (swt) as Gawah.

    What special or great is that you think and expect ALLAH to be a gawah in some so called secret marriage of yours ?

    In short SECRET MARRIAGE = GUNAAH ( be there gawah be there not )

    If you are really a MUSLIM.. you should be knowing that the girls father / grandfather (WALI) should be present during the time of Nikaah.

    Better concentrate on your studies and your career 1st. You are not earning a penny since you said you are studying .. and you want secret marriage ? For ? Secretly also , practically would you be in a position to take care of your secret wifes needs (MONETARILY) ?

    GROW UP and seriously get a life.. stop mocking around and making a mockery of Religion. On a social Islamic website you can put forward such nuisance just wondering what you must be actually doing in real life

  4. You want to get married to enjoy guilt free sex. You want a secret marriage because you want to leave your secret wife in future and marry some one else.

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