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Can I marry this woman?


I'm a muslim guy & my close friend is a muslim girl. When we met each other in college, I called her sister & she called me brother so that we don't look at each other with wrong intention. But, after two years later, I have realized that she is the girl perfect for me. She has everything that I love to see in a woman. Now, I've fallen in love with her. I want to know, is it halal for me to marry her now in this situation?


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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    No matter what you used to call each other, or for what reason, you were never her brother and she was never your sister. It would've been better that you all avoided interaction altogether, than interact under a false banner of being related to one another. But that is the past and cannot be changed now.

    You are saying you want to marry her, and from what I see there is nothing "haraam" that would prohibit it. I would strongly urge you to go through the proper channels of sending a proposal, and keep your interactions with her strictly professional until she accepts your proposal and you two can be properly chaperoned to get to know one another better. If she rejects it, you need to let your affiliation with her go in all forms, otherwise it will likely cause problems and complications for you both in the future.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Salam Alaikum!

    The interaction should have been avoided in the first place. But that's past now. What I would suggest is if you really want to marry her go through proper channel. And if she rejects your proposal, then accept it with open heart. It is her life and her choice. And let me tell you, you two cannot remain friends if she rejects the proposal. So be ready for the consequences. May be she doesn't look at you in the same respect as you.

    Secondly can someone tell me how to publish the post? I tried to ask some question but my post is pending for more than a week. I am new here. Jazakallah Khair .

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