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Can I remarry first husband without sexual intercourse with the second husband?

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Asslamu alaikum, can i get remarried to my divorced husband, after being married to another man and then getting divorced by him, but without having an sexual intercourse with him?

I know it is strictly required to have sex with your next husband before you can go back to first husband. But is it must? (compulsory)? Would it be a adultery if i didnt have sexual intercourse with my next husband and got remarried to my first husband? Please specify clearly. Jazzak allah khair.

- ameenabegum

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  1. Dear Sister, Walaykumsalaam,

    I take it you are fully divorced (three times) from your husband but you both regret this and wish to re-marry.

    Firstly, are you actually divorced three times? If you are not sure, I strongly suggest you speak to a qualified Imam about this.

    If anyone can be persistent in wanting to divorce their spouse three times (if done in the correct manner, with the separate time periods between each divorce etc), I do not understand why you would want to be together again. So my personal observation is that perhaps you both did not employ the correct method. Anyway that is just my observation and Allah knows best.

    Secondly, if you are 'fully divorced' and want to re-marry, you cannot at all do so - unless you marry another man genuinely and sincerely with the 100% intention of marrying him for the right reasons - i.e. that you want to spend the rest of your life with him living as normal husband and wife so that includes consummation aswell; and then for whatever reason, you both feel you cannot live with each and you decide to divorce, then you can marry your previous husband.

    But by no means, can you purposely marry another man with the intention of divorcing him to re-marry the previous. This is nothing but making a mockery of Allah's Laws. Allah has made things so easy for us yet we still manage to twist His Laws and make our lives complicated. He has given us chances to come back to our spouses after divorce, but after the third time there is no going back unless as stated you genuinely marry and genuinely divorce.

    Please don't make a mockery of Allah Laws. By doing so, you/we are decieving none other than ourselves.

    SisterZ Editor

    • All true. And let me add to ameenabegum, what you should do is try to improve your relationship with your husband (the man you are married to now). If you have problems in your marriage, try to fix them. Consummate the marriage, have a healthy and normal marriage relationship. Forget about your ex-husband, he is not your husband anymore and you should not be thinking about him while you are married to another man.

      Wael Editor

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