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Can I remarry my Muslim husband?

Divorce decreeMy Muslim husband divorced me three times when we where having a fight & after which he wished he had not done. As I understand it, to be divorced it must be said three times but I read somewhere that if he said it in anger,  we are still married as he was not in the right mind when he said it.

Can anyone help me on this as we love one another & wish to be married &  we have children.

I love my husband very much & do not wish to marry another man in my life as he is the only man I wish to be with. We have been married for over 6 years.

If we are divorced, can we remarry each other?

Please help me with this problem. thanks

- irishgirl


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  1. did he pronounce 3 divorce in one go or on 3 seperate days?

  2. Dear 'Irishgirl',

    We cannot answer your question here as it is a matter of fiqh. These matters are not black or white and require full examination by someone who knows the fine details of the Islamic law regaring divorce/marriage.

    You would need to speak to a qualified imaam/shaykh.

    SisterZ, Editor

  3. Salaams,

    The matters of divorce can be very complicated. Also the issuing of Talaq is not be taken lightly. I agree that you need to consult a schiolar who has expertise in this field as it all depends on how this was said and done.

    I came across this article on Talaq, which you may find of interest.

    Ruling on Triple Divorce


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