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Can I repent for this? Can I marry another person in the future?

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I'm a 28 year old girl and I am in love with a boy. Our relationship was for 3 years. And it was began by a phone call which was given by him. First we talk over phone then we began talk by fb and skype video calling. After  a year we realize that we began love each other & after that time we began our conversation very intimately over phone & also skype every night. I didn't notice that how much intimacy we had at that time. And how much we sinned at those times. He every night offered me for phone sex & also video calling on skype. He always kept talking like this  & I also did like that. But we never met face to face.

When it became very deeply & made me realize that we committed sins. Then I asked him to marry me as soon as possible. At that time he refused to marry me & told me that I was testing you that how much pure  you are.

Now he says me that it was one side love & I never can marry you and also can't tell my parents about you. He also tells me that his parents set a girl for him to marry. I used to refuse every proposals which was brought by my parents for him. I also told him that my parents know about him. And they were ready to make me marry with him.

As it is a large sin for me, can I marry another person? Can I repent myself from this sin? Can anyone give me advice? Please pray for me to Allah SWT that I can repent myself from this sin.



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  1. My dear, we are human beings. we all make mistakes.

    You know what you did was wrong, so repent to Allah, Ask him to forgive you, pray, make dua, and stay clear of men who are not your mahram.

    and you can always marry, Allah is most merciful.

    The important thing is to repent and never return to that sin again. So be very very careful in the future and keep this to yourself. You do not need to share any of your sins with anyone but Allah.

    All the best my dear and may Allah grant you a righteous spouse.

  2. Sister,

    Pick yourself up and don't give this man another thought. Don't answer any phone calls from him and do not contact him no matter what. No Facebook...nothing. This man has made his choice and it wasn't you. He wasn't testing you sister...he was using you. Repent to Allah for your transgressions and move on. Men like him are a stain on society. Take a lesson from your experience, never to repeat it again. If you want to marry, talk to you parents. God willing a good brother will come your way.


  3. Assalam alaikum,

    You should definitely to Allah swt and ask Allah swt for forgiveness and ask Him for His Mercy. Always continue to feel bad about your sins--that feeling of shame, though it hurts, will help you in the long run and remind you that what you did was wrong. Do not let it go--forgive yourself, ask Allah again and again for forgiveness and don't ever give up hope--any hopeless thought is from shaitaan.

    As for the boy, do not waste another moment thinking about him. I am glad he told you that he has no feelings for you and that he was testing you--now you know how people can be and how awful they can stoop. He is no one to test you--and as he said that he was testing you, Allah swt was testing him. He would never let a man treat his own sister or mother that way, but he has no problem treating you how he did. It's over now. Even if he comes back to ask for your hand, I would suggest that you never give him another thought, let alone another chance. Change all your contact information and leave no hope for him or yourself to ever be in contact with him again.

    If you ever feel hurt, remind yourself that you freed yourself from his dirty clutches and remind yourself that you realized your mistake. There should be 0% regret for leaving that sin.

    May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.

  4. Sister, don't think about the guy. U should just forget him, he obviously didn't deserve ur love or u. He was a hypocrite, and he has no right to test u like that.
    And we r just humans, everyone do mistakes. Allaah swt is merciful, and He will forgive u if u repent and feel bad about it.
    Just stay strong, and marry someone who wants a halal relationship with u and respects u.
    The guy who did that to u will be punished for his sins too.

    Wish u all the best Sister <3

  5. personally i would never marry a girl who was emotionally involved some where else, you need to come clear to the guy you want to marry through arranged marriage. if he still wants to marry, then marry him. since you got rejected now, you want to commit to someone you don't even love, and probably still miss your boyfriend.

    marriage is the name of commitment and you are already committed to someone else, why destroy some one's life because you want to gain marriage status while committed to someone else who is not marrying you?

    • U can fall in love again and be committed to someone else. Once you realise your mistake which she has. And only Allah needs to know what have done in the past and no one else.

  6. Avoid contact with this man. he is very danjar. He enjoyed you that's it.

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