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Can istikhara result change over time?

Assalam -u- Alikum brothers and sisters.

I know this boy who showed interest in getting married to me, he did istikhara which came out positive and spoke to his family who is agreed with it. There is a lot of difference between two families and my family is not in favour of this marriage. Disappointed i asked Almighty Allah for help and i thought of istikhara. I did not pray salat ul Istikhara (official Istikhara isnt done by me) rather i just read the dua on n off. After that a third person (totally neutral) came to me and we just got in this discussion and i told them the whole story and they advised me not to put it as my ultimate choice.

should I take this as the answer of Istikhara or should I pray salat Ul istikhra and then rely on those decisions.




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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

    Shaitan is our clear enemy especially when it comes to marriage.. marriage is sunnah and you need to complete your half Deen. Try convincing your family and making them understand. May Allah SWT make it easy for you and your family, if he is meant for you he will walk his way towards you... have Tawaakul..

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