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Can my same-sex love interest be my soulmate in Jannah?

In LoveSalaam,

Quite simply, I’d like to know if in heaven we will end up partnered with the person whom we love/loved on earth.

If we love/loved a person of the same sex but are unable to have a relationship with them for obvious reasons yet consider the person to be our soulmate - will we get our chance to be with them in the hereafter?

If our souls seek each other out, again and again, and we have a connection that is indescribable, powerful, magical, breath-taking, and we simply cannot love another as we love each other but know that in this life we can’t be together and are enduring that pain.. will we meet in the hereafter and get the chance to be with each other in a way that was impossible on earth?

We pray for it, are our prayers in vain and it won’t ever happen because we are of the same gender or is this our test and if we pass then we’ll get to be with each other in the hereafter?

Our bond with each other is not something that can ever be described with words, it is indestructible, profound and rare. There must be a reason why we feel this way for one another, this pain cannot be in vain. Our souls are simply entwined together, it is the plainest of facts.

We will bear the pain of not being together in this life, is there a possibility that we’ll be together in the hereafter? After all, it’s not our bodies but our souls that count, right?

Also, I’ve heard and read someplace that we end up with our spouses in the hereafter, is this true?

P.S. I am desperate for an answer, clarification, so if the usual helpful commenters can’t answer this one then I would be eternally grateful if one of the panel can. I am reluctant to approach an imam/sheikh for obvious reasons but I feel like I cannot breathe until I get an answer.

Thank you in advance.

-unfortunate soul

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  1. "Unfortunate soul," as-salamu alaykum. I think I am one of the "usual helpful commenters" you mentioned. At least I hope so. However, I cannot answer this question. Here at we provide common sense advice on marriage and family issues. A question like this, however, must be answered by a scholar.

    The only thing I can say for sure is that in Jannah a person will have all he / she desires, and will be content. Beyond that, Allahu 'alam.

    Wael Editor

    • Unfortunate soul, salaam

      You are joking right?

      I suggest you read the Surah about Lut alayhi salaam and listen to lectures about him. I also suggest you get familiar with Sodoma and Ghomora. All of these have same outcome. Turn to Allah please, you are asking if Allah will give you in hearafter what he first destroys here in this world and punishes on Akhirah. Astagfirullah

      May Allah guide you and open your eyes ameen

      • You are not helping at all. What if Allah is testing them with that and they suffered and gave up for the sake of Allah you think there will be no reward for such a struggle? Quran says everyone will get what they desired and more. Only Allah knows how to repay you for your struggles and you will be so happy. InshaAllah you get what every your heart desires and may you stay strong in this test as you are doing well don’t to you.

        • Amina, tell me how you feel when you feel when doesn't forgive you personal shortcomings and tells you that punishment is given and let's see how you feel.

  2. Is there even "gender" in Jannah like we know it here on Earth? Why should there be after all, biology is not required.

  3. Assalamu alaikum
    Dear Brother /sister the question you have asked requires somebody who has immense knowledge of it.. But i can say that same gender love/marriage is haram in islam, hence you thinking that you will have the same gender partner after life in heaven is something I dont think is valid or will be fulfilled. Maybe you can have a change of heart, when something in islam is not allowed or hence haram we cannot expect it to be there in Jannah.. I may be wrong but I will pray for your wishes

    • Wine, women ,illicit sex are haram but all will be there in jannah. It's fact that all that heart desires will be fulfilled . Even the laws of universe will change coz its said we won't die again . One can better say that our desire and wishes will most probably not stay the same and probably we will wish only what Allah knows is best for us. Maybe anything but jannati will be happy. This bro/sis romantic love is hurting but he must know most people can't fulfill their love ,,not even straight men-women. For one ,I m hearing disabled and I am very much empty and lonely wanting a partner. I develop affection toward someone but she married or have bf and rejecting my marriage proposal every single time till now. I have little hope but I forget it and enjoy other aspects of life. Most people are unfortunate like the questioners

      • Lily, why do you say that illicit sex will be allowed in Jannah? I had read in various hadith that the people of Jannah will have husbands and wives.

        I pray that you will find a good partner who will accept you and love you. Don't give up. Plenty of hearing disabled people or fully deaf people have husbands and wives. Obviously you need to stop connecting with women who already have partners. Join a matrimonial site or put out the word among your relatives and friends.

        Wael Editor

        • Mr wael....why have u deleted my reply, I don't think u have the right to do so. u already said u don't have the answer and when I answered, u deleted it, what sense does it make? This is arrogance and Allah doesn't like answer would have helped the questioner to a great extent probably
          Brother just because u created this forum does not means that u have the right to decide who will speak and who will not except if the reply contains immorality and lack of scriptural references...this is truly injustice and I m hurt.....may Allah guide u....

        • Before that I left a log reply too brother. That one is missing, no problem I will post again..sorry for the blame

      • Lilly,

        May Allah grant you beautiful Shifa and an improvement in your hearing, Ameen. Inshallah technology and science are progressing and there may be help for you in the future. That said, and as Brother Wael stated, this should not prevent you from pursuing a marriage if you should choose to do so. You have many other wonderful qualities which would benefit a partner, I am sure of it.

        Best to you,


    • Amina, tell me how you feel when you feel when doesn't forgive you personal shortcomings and tells you that punishment is given and let's see how you feel.

  4. Aslkm I will give u my understanding regarding this issue however I am not a scholar, if ur consience find it logical than take it or else reject
    There is not an iota of doubt that homosexuality is an evil thing before Allah in fact Allah has destroyed an entire nation, people of prophet lut because of this u believe it or not but Satan is showing this immoral thing beautiful as he promised Allah that I will beautify the evil immoral things to ur slave so Satan has done the same in ur case.

    Now coming to ur question in a precise way. Brother it's mentioned in the scripture that all the ill feelings and all the evils that a believer has in their ❤️ hearts will be dropped out at the gates of Jannah and their hearts will be like a one heart, as this is an evil thing, we can expect that this disease too will be dropped at the gate of Jannah and u will no longer be capable of feeling this way, this capability will be taken away from ur mind and heart and hopefully u will desire an opposite gender spouse and when u will see those spouse, u will stare at their face for 40 years, such will be their beauty, in total u will be satisfied and u will thank Allah.

    So I will request u to kindly fight these desires strongly until u die. And do not worry about the hereafter. Once u die on tauheed then what will come next will blow away ur mind. a perpatual happiness in ur castle in jannah...rivers, gardens, tants, castle, cool wind and millions of more things...Remember the coming life is eternal and this life will be gone in a blink of an eye. This may be a test for u. And if u struggle for Allah, Allah will help u and love u. Aim at pleasing Allah and hand over ur affairs to him for He is the most merciful and loving.

    Few suggestion from my side that will help u in this Quran everyday even if it is a page, glorify Allah while seeing sunrise and sunset, he has 99 names memorise it, watch Islamic lectures on YouTube at least for an hour or two everyday, know about life in jahannam and Jannah and in grave etc...know what Allah has ordered us to do and then do it and make supplication to Allah....get urself involved in Islamic activities as much as possible.....may Allah help u

  5. Ws

    There is no need to you to worry about any of that if inshallah you enter jannah.

    You see, when you enter jannah, all the unlawful and evil desires that you have and may crave for in this world is removed from you. So don't worry, you won't be lusting after someone your own sex.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Assalamualaykum soul,

    In Jannah you will be happy and 100% content. Allah has promised us that. So don't worry too much about it. 🙂


  7. Brother/Sister,

    Finally, do not be afraid of approaching an Imam/Sheikh about your issue, or one of the several websites where they answer questions. Imams are supposed to be compassionate, understanding people, and if one isn't, leave him and go to another. Even if you don't like what you hear from them, it will give you clarity about the Islamic rulings on your matter, and more peace in your heart, Inshallah

    Best to you 🙂


  8. Aslkm I will give u my understanding on ur issue if u find it logical take it or else reject

    There is not an iota of doubt that homosexuality is an evil act in the sight of Allah, infact Allah had destroyed an entire nation, people from nation of pruphet lut beacuse of this act so u can imagine how evil is the act.

    Now coming to ur question. According to a hadith--> All the ill feelings and and evils in the hearts of a believer will be dropped at the gate of Jannah. And everyone's heart will be like one heart. so as this act is evil we can expect it to be dropped at the gate of Jannah and hopefully u will desire for an oppsite gender partner. And Allah knows best

    Few advices from my side. In order to get Jannah firstly u should leave these desires in dunya, I know it is hard but people before have been tested with a much more severe test by Allah. So struggle hard fight ur desires until ur last breath. Secondly I would advise u to build a connection with Allah. To do so u have to make a habit of reading Quran everyday even if it is a page, and make Dhikr of Allah. Praise him seeing the sunrise and the sunset. Thank him deeply for all the favors he bestowed upon u , life family food home, these all are favors of Allah. Ask Allah to help u he is most merciful. Make a goal to reach Jannah anyhow, an eternal life with garden, river, castle, partners etc. Get urself aware about Jannah,jahannam,grave etc. This life will be gone very soon and then will start the real life of eternity. Think think think....may Allah help u

  9. Aoa brother/sister in quran Allah says be patient indeed i will give you as much as you will be satisfied i have not much knowledge but as Allah gives us brain to thinking and on this base i'm going to answer you that never lose hope nor be sad Allah is there for you very simple in earth weraing gold and silk for men is haram but in jannah it will be is haram but in jannah it will be halal so why this would be not possible that the soul you love will not given to you in jannah which you leave in this duniya for the sake of Allah in quran Allah says souls are created in pairs and He also guide as that soul has no gender in jannah the bodies will be transformed and then souls will enter inthem we have no earthly body material there and for your satisfaction in western countires many people live in same way as you want like same sex marraige but you are not doing just because of Allah's will and Allah syas that this duniya is jannah for kafir and trial for the muslims then why will Allah not give you what you want in jannah only Allah knows that how he will give you that soul in jannah mean to say in which way but remeber any wish will be fullfil in jannag because its Allah's promise and He is not fail in his promises so just love Him beacuase He loves you and He really loves you so why he will not given to you that thing which you lelave just for Him.In my opinion yes you will go with that soul your other question is about going with spouse i read somewhere that if two persons wants same person then Allah will give them both as He made duplicate of him/her it is not easy that you love soul instead of body so never be disappoint Allah will give you what you want and Allah's knows best
    May Allah give you sabr and all of those who are in this situation

    • Salaam,

      Thank you so much for this kind response, my heart is in pieces but you’ve given me hope. I truly believe, I know that this person is my soulmate and if we can’t be together in this life then I will pray that we will be together in the hereafter. In the meantime, I’ll just have to endure it and hope that Allah rewards us both for our struggles. I’ve never known anything like it and I feel like it’s impossible for me to contemplate having a life without this person and it seems that we must cut ties with each other, entirely. I wish I knew, I just wish I knew that we would have each other after we’ve paid for our sins and eventually reach heaven. The pain of not being together and not knowing the answer to this burning question is really getting to me.

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