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Can she be my second wife?

second wife

I am already married but I want to get another marriage.

Is it is possible to marry with the daughter of sister in law ?

In Urdu ( kiya main apni bari sali ke beti say shadi karsakta hoon ya nahin) ( Pehli bivi ke mojudgi main).

Please tell me urgent.



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  1. No you can't

  2. According to an authentic hadith:

    "It is not permissible to marry a woman and her paternal aunt simultaneously, nor is it permissible to marry a woman and her maternal aunt simultaneously." (Sahih Muslim)

    Therefore, it's not permissible for you  to marry with the daughter of your sister in law since you are still married to her aunt.

    Hope this helps inshaAllah, and Allah knows best.

  3. Astagfirullah. its time of your life to pray more and ask for forgiveness not the time to have eyes on girls of your daughter age, shame on you, you are disgusting

  4. Your niece is like a daughter to you. How have you gotten yourself into a situation where you want to marry her?????

    I think you should stay away from the progeny of your sisters/brothers-in-law.

    If you are attracted to your niece, then separate yourself from that situation.

  5. Assalam alaikum,

    As Br. Issah has stated, it is not permissible to marry your niece.

    Others have stated that the age difference should alone be a reason to not consider marriage, however, in some cases the age of nieces and their uncles could be very close--so this is not the reason to not consider the marriage--instead, it is the way in which the both of you are related.

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