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Can they do nikah?

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Can a man do nikah with his uncle's wife after talaq or widow?


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  1. Mr, Wael – Chief Editor. I want to know that could I ask a question I mean a problem privately and may u answer me in same ccondition.thanks.

    • Because of the volume of questions we receive we cannot offer private advice. You can submit your question anonymously or under an assumed name.

      Wael Editor

  2. I believe it is fine, as she was not your fathers wife but your uncles. However you should ask a scholar just in case. In such matters it is always better safe than sorry.

  3. OP: Can a man do nikah with his uncle's wife after talaq or widow?

    Are you planning to marry your aunty if she gets divorced or becomes a widow?

    • EXACTLY what i was thinking too ! I may be wrong but i reckon they are already having an affair and are both trying to come up with a plan to get married after she divorces his uncle. I'm sure they have planned everything ahead (not saying they are planning her husbands death or are secretly praying he dies so that they can get married but the word "widow" makes no sense in this post.... Unless the uncle is already dying). :/

      *Again : Keep In mind that i may be wrong.

  4. please tell me...

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