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Can they re-do their nikah in secret?

Performing Nikkah

Asalamoalekum. I want to ask a question about my friend. He had a proper nikkah with a girl with the approval of both families. However after nikkah the girl expressed her dislikness towards him and use to say that the nikkah is not valid because it was forced upon her from her family. Time passed and they continued to live together. Now after 1 year the girl is pretty happy and want to live with the guy. However the couple thinks that whether their nikkah was valid or not. Also they are not getting baby and they have a doubt that probably Allah didn't accept their nikkah.

Can they do a secret nikkah again, just for their own satisfaction? Will it be valid since everyone around us knows that we are married, the wali and both parent knows, we already have a signed contract etc. What will be the way to redo nikkah secretly if i dont want to involve other people?


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  1. Asalaam Walaikum.

    Re-do would suggest the first Nikkah wasnt Valid?? And theres no such thing Islamically as doing Nilkah again.

    When it comes to these types of Questions its best to ask Imams/Muftis and not general public like us (Apologies to those who are Muftis or learned in this Subject) ... because these type of questions are of great importance and getting the correct information is VITAL to both of yous and whatever children yous may be blessed with.

    May Allah make it easy on both of you ... Ameen.

  2. Asalam alaikum,

    As far as I have read, you can do as many "secret" nikahs you want but they will not count. The validity of your first nikah seems to be solid if all the legal aspects were followed as you said, no matter if your wife was "forced" to marry you or not. If it is now true that you and your wife love and trust eachother enough to continue living together, then I would say Alhamdulilah! Allah swt creates a soul mate for us, unique in the whole umah, and we should celebrate!

    May Allah swt have mercy if I said anything wrong, as I am no mufti or imam. My advice is based off of all the readings I have seen, not my own opinion.


    • This is exactly what I had read also ... I was too scared to answer tbh. Alhamdulillah someone has more courage than me. Jazak'Allah Khair.

  3. How convenient for women to change their decisions based on moods and feelings. Anyways there is a lesson for all men and women. The love of either the husband or the wife can change and if at the beginning one or both of them don't like each other then in the future they might feel love for each other.

    Regarding your question, it's better to ask an Imam or Shaikh or Mufti about the ruling since it is a Islamic Fiqh issue. Will you really be satisfied with answers from people on the internet and live your life according to that answer or would you rather have a confirmed opinion from a known Islamic Scholar about your major life issue.

    My personal opinion is, the marriage is still valid because the talaq was not given by the husband.

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