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Can we do two Nikkahs?

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I am an 18 year old Muslim man and there's a non Muslim women that I fell in love with and want to do nikka with Her. I've known her for many years and grew up as friends and ended up falling for her, which is why I'd want to do nikka before any more sins are made. Her parents wouldn't care if we did nikka since they're not Muslim. I can't tell my parents because they will say no without an questions asked as they did for my old brother who is in a sinful relationship for over 4years with his "girlfriend". No matter who it is they will not allow me to do nikka unless I graduate from college and will disown me as there child if I choose to before it. I know they will not understand since my older brother has tried to talk to them for his situation. In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?


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  1. Essentially you want to do nikka with a non-Muslim girl just to have sex with her. I have feeling you are already doing things with that girl.

    You are 18, you should talk to your parents and that girl's parents about getting married.

    • We can't assume things we don't know.

      • Well the chances are high because with out Deen n proper guidance .I say good luck .From a guys perspective there all horn at this age.Prime time

      • Yes we can, if we have a feeling that's correct. And I agree with what the other person said . And a Muslim , a real Muslim would marry a Muslim.

    • He hasnt mentioned anything as sex or stuff like that. He has pure intentions of getting Married. Why are you dragging sex in it ?

      Just because one person does haram things like that doesnt means all do the same.

      Dont assume things in an obnoxious way. Think Positive sometimes. 😛

      • Aelia: He says "In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?"

        Why do you think he wants to do 2 nikahs, one without telling his parents? Do you think he wants to do a secret Nikah to eat lunch together?He wants a secret nikka "before any more sins are made".

        I'll try to be positive.......

        • He probably wants to do 2 Nikaahs reasons might be

          1 - He doesnt wants to betray the Non Muslim Girl

          2 - He niether wants to hurt his parents sentiments and get them down in there expectations.

          Think it from above point of views.

          He certainly hasnt mentioned that he wants to do 2 NIKAAHS with the same NON MUSLIM girl. He has just asked whether he can do ANOTHER one in front of his parents. Why would he do NIKAAH twice with the same female in front of his parents once he has completed his studies? He can tell them that he has already done NIKAAH with the non muslim girl once he is done with his studies.

          Also he has mentioned his parents are not agreeing to his brothers marriage which has same circumstances. So why would it be asked about marrying the same girl twice ?

          About the SIN part.. He has said he wants to do Nikaah before more sins take place. He is asking about Nikaah and not some Temporary Marriage. And if he does Nikaah then certainly they will have Lunch together 😛 and not just Sex as per your perception.

          Lastly, you gave an ultimatum in your previous post saying HE IS ALREADY COMMITING SINS in your words SEX. How do you know that ? 😛

      • Key words. Fell in love!Since he first layer eyes on her the second look became a sin?I wonder what happen next hmm.Well I do know guys are all horny

  2. Salam brother,

    Alhamdulilah that you are trying to follow that straight path with this girl, and she is agreeing to follow your lead. Keep following Islamic guidelines for keeping distance from this girl, make dua Istikhara for to Allah swt for what you should do first. I can offer some sound advise from my side, though, and please read through it all:

    I know a secret nikkah sounds like the easiest option, but it will end up making your life hell. Your parents might or might not disown you; and if not then they will be very angry and cut communications to a minimum. You won't have any support from them, nor their helping hand and much needed guidance for any babies you two might have.

    Please consider talking to your parents. You are a man by now so stand up for your rights. If you want to marry her then get your finances together and show them that you don't need any help funding a nikkah. Tell your parents that they are welcome to come to your nikkah and certainly welcome to help out. Also emphasize that although you respect their opinions and their regards, you hold Allah to be your ultimate judge.

    Keep in mind that you need to be able to fully support your wife. You need a full time job. You need a steady income. You need to think of where she will live with you, what she will eat, wear, utilities, and emergencies that may happen, as well as put money away immediately in a savings account for a baby.

    Doing all this work to get your finances in shape is going to make it Extremely hard to get through college. Trust me, I wish I had finished college before I got married; it's a whole new world. It's a wonderful world full of love and friendship, but also full of constant hard work and compromise. Education is not something you want to delay too long, because then you wake up one day and see all your friends on Facebook are graduating and qualifying for great jobs that you want but can't get (because you are uneducated). And if you think you can work full time and still graduate, then go ahead! More power to you, brother! Just keep in mind that it's going to feel like you are not even married because you won't get to be with your wife for very long between working 8 hours a day and studying with class for 5-6 hours.

    Just consider your future honestly and talk to your parents. Have this nice girl come over to their house and talk.

    Here's a hint: if your girl decides to become Muslim and hijabi( of her own will), it's like using a Royal Flush in poker. Your parent will find it Very hard to resist a nikkah. And if they refuse still, then you know where their heads are at, and all you need to do is consult a mullah/ imam on how you can get married.

    Salam brother and best regards,

  3. As salam O Alaikum Brother

    Initially concentrate on your studies on your career.
    Secondly you have an elder brother to get married first, than you as per societies norms.
    Thirdly is the girl ready to embrace Islam, does she believes in ALLAH wholeheartedly?
    Fourthly would the girls parents agree to this Inter Religious marriage ?
    Fifthly will your parents accept her even after she embraces ISLAM?

    THINK ABOUT THE ABOVE POINTS. And see for yourself what reply you get from your HEART as well as MIND.

    May ALLAH bless you

    Wa Salam !

  4. If you seek advise let me tell you few things brother..

    You are indulging an a haram relationship, stop it.
    She need to be a muslim by her wholehearted wish if you want to marry a girl. Hence, If she is not forget her for the sake of allah.
    There is no concept of 2 nikah in islam. 2nd nikah can only be performed if you divorce, she re-marries and again get divorce.

    Pray for all of us brother

    • Bro if u really love her then talk to ur parents and if she really loves u she can acsept islam for u then no problem

  5. Aslkm brothers
    I have one question which is making my life hell. Actually I was in relationship from 8years so I thought to convert it into halal. So I got married her with my 2friends as witness in 2019. After that I told everythng to my parents and she too as well..but this month she got married to another guy without khula with me is it haram for her n as well as for me too? Was my nikah valid bcz my intention was good n true and Allah knows well

    • Fahad, astaghfirullah. How can she marry someone else when she's already married to you? It's crazy. Of course her second marriage is not valid and is haram.

      The religion is not a game. SubhanAllah.

      Did she do all this secretly? How is it possible that you did not know your own wife was planning to marry someone else? Or that the other man did not know she was married?

      Anyway, your question is not related to the original post, so if you need advice please register and submit it as a separate post.

      Wael Editor

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