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Can we get forgiveness for homosexuality?

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The Door of Allah's Forgiveness is Still Open!

Hi friends, I am a boy, my age is 21, please help me in this big sin which I am doing. From many years I have been in a sexual relationship with my best friend. He is also a boy and I am having sex with him from long time but I was not aware of this sin. Now I came to know about this sin so please help me out, will Allah forgive me for this sin? What should I do? I beg for help because I am dying because of this big mistake. Please help me and my friend, what should we do?


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  1. Salaam Zamzubu,

    Allah has already forgiven you as far as you DO NOT do it again and repent and continue praying ... I believe that even if you really knew(which you did). and you want to better yourself and ask Allah for forgiveness, HE will forgive you. Only Allah knows best!



  2. (Comment deleted).

    • Star : Assalamo alaikum. It takes a lot of a certain kind of courage to post your life's mistakes/problems like this on a public forum, (even if done anonymously) in an increasingly judgemental world.This brother seems genuinely repentant, He probably waited a long time to see his post published and would be looking forward to finding some hope, if not a solution to his problem on this site. Even if you feel disgusted, don't you think it would have been kinder and more productive if you neutralized your comment by offering him some words of hope, or some well meant advice?

      OP: Assalamo alaikum bro. Allah is all Forgiving and Merciful.If your repentance is sincere, and if you have truly resolved not to go back to this sin, insha Allah He will forgive you. Try and spend your time productively, in dhikr, reading Quran, doing regular taubah, and furthering your knowledge of Islam and in completing your education, and try and keep a distance from all temptations. Good luck!

    • To the OP,

      Ignore such comments and focus on the good advice given by others here (Amsaa, Mystic, Midnightmoon)--the ones who want better for you and the ones who are not toxic. I am sorry that people have to say such abusive things to you after you vulnerably posted here.

      May Allah swt ease your pain and help you to your road to recovery, Ameen.

      • If the comment was abusive then why it is still there and not removed by Wael ?
        So it shows the acceptance of this realistic view but you or others might not agree which is fine .

        Please remember Islam have strong punishment for homosexuality .In Quran there is mention about Prophet Lut alaisalaam and his disobeying people who were destroyed due to Homosexuality ...

        • Thanks for pointing that out. The comment was indeed abusive, and I have removed it.


        • To Star:
          I thought you would retort with such comments.

          Listen, it isn't your job to hand out punishments. No one gave you a licence or a badge for that. Please keep your lecture about homosexuality to yourself especially the part of you suggesting that we are accepting it. That is a heavy accusation you are making--I don't envy you for it.

          The OP writes:
          "I beg for help because I am dying because of this big mistake. Please help me and my friend, what should we do?"

          Have you no compassion for someone who is begging for help? You wanted to respond with a slap? Why? Because you are better than the OP? He says he is DYING because of this mistake. He recognizes his mistake and it is killing him inside. It makes him feel so small--and he is asking for help. He is not arrogant about his mistake. He is not boastful of what he did, but rather deeply grieved at his actions and wants to fix, erase, make go away what has happened--and how did you respond? Did the Prophet, peace be upon him, a man for which words would fail because he was gentle and would cry during the night, he prayed for us, people he NEVER met...ever respond to anyone like this? And had he, I could even understand because of who he was--but, us common sinful people, no, it is completely unacceptable.

          The comments are in plain English--you should read those comments about what the OP should do. If you continue to believe that others are advocating for the acceptance of homosexuality, there is, unfortunately, nothing that anyone can do if you continue to hold strongly to those incorrect views.

          I suggest that you watch the following video:

          To C:
          By you? Are you the authority that executes the punishment? If not, then share your knowledge, give the advice, and leave the rest to the real Authority.

          • I didn't accuse you or any one about support to homosexuality .Get it clear .

            I said my harsh response was acceptance by Wael as he din't remove it initially but later removed this .

            If everything has to be handled in such a soft manner then why Islam has strong punishment for Homosexuality ?

            I know i don't have authority to punish some one but i have right to report it to concern authority if some thing wrong is going in my area so that they can catch them with proof and apply harsh Islamic punishment .

            If tomorrow if a person comes to you say he has raped many kids ,murdered some people and now he is dying because of guilt and repenting ..what you will do ..Will you put him high because of his repentance or report it to police ?

        • My sincere apologies for getting mixed up in your comment. I definitely did misunderstand you.

          As for your comparison of homosexuality to rape and murder--I thought that was strange as homosexuality is a zulm upon one's own nafs. Another such zulm would be committing suicide. Would I report a person who committed suicide to the police for that 'crime'?--how would that even work!?! If homosexuality is illegal in the country of the OP's residence, that's another story, and I must admit I don't know about the legality of that much. However, some things are about the ethics and while it still may be legal in parts of the world--we still do not condone them nor measure those actions according to the law--but by a higher standard--that of our Deen. And remember, sometimes these haram behaviours can be a punishment in itself. So, looking at the law of the land alone isn't exactly the answer to the problem.

          The question of the OP is "Can we get forgiveness for homosexuality?'--so let's inn shaa Allah, shed light on that specifically and not convolute this matter further with murder and rape.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    People face different tests and trials in their lives. It may be that this is one of yours - we can't always control our feelings, but we can control whether we act on them.

    Now that you have learned this kind of sexual relationship is haraam, you can take steps to avoid any repetition of it. Pray tawbah and offer repentance for what happened, and trust in Allah's mercy - He has promised to be Merciful if we repent with sincerity.

    If you and your friend have these feelings for each other, it may be best to stop seeing each other, at least until you no longer have these feelings. Instead, spend time in prayer and study, fast to control your nafs, get involved in plenty of activities (charitable work, sports, etc), and spend time with pious brothers.

    It would be a good idea to go for a sexual health check as well, in case you've picked up an STD - most of these can be treated quickly and effectively if detected early, inshaAllah.

    Midnightmoon editor

  4. salams

    i am from india my age is 45 years old , i been married for 15 years in which i lived with my wife only for 3 months and i am unable to get talaq ...
    several things involved in the married life . becoz of talaq letter i am unable to marry any one . here no body folow shaira rules as the modi government controls sharia here .

    my sin is GAY porn i have done gay sex for the past 5 years but i get guilty conscious and i repent ..after some i again i wil get the gay feeling ..then ill watch gay porn ... all the prayers will be destroyed of couples of day then i will be to normal life . then i get gay feeling like want to do sex with a male gay porn in internet

    this is going for the past five years in my life ... i am unable to marry again a women .... is my sin for forgivable. for several years in my life i dont had sex ... this has come like an differnt diversion but i know its worst sin but still i been un control ..
    plz guide me

  5. Please Please Please Answer Me!
    I have commited this disgraceful act with another boy, yet i controlled myself and did not do intercourse but the other boy was the one acting with his hands and after finisihng i ran away back to my place. I felt very ashamed and when i searched the internet in Islam there is no forgiveness for this crime. Im an singel adult of 27 age and to do this act i feel like dying. My question is i did not engage in intercourse nor fully naked and the other person was also not naked, maybe it was only for 10 minutes but is there forgiveness ? as i realy want to know, Please answer me with proof not your personal opinion.

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