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Can we marry without any health problems?

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Asasalamwaleikum all the readers. This is Sufiyan. I love my cousin brother's daughter. We are of same age. So is it possible that I can marry without any kind of health problem.

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  1. Walaikum As Salam

    You can marry without health problems. What exactly does that mean ? I actually didnt understand what are you exactly trying to ask.

    Dont want to assume things. Is it possible for you to reply back in a bit detail of what exactly you are trying to know.

    Wa Salam

  2. Are you concerned about health problems of your children because you want to marry your cousin's daughter? Is there any inherited disease like thalasemia, hemophilia etc in your family? Chances of your kids getting inherited diseases increase when you marry a relative.

  3. There are genetic tests that can be done. I would advise doing them before marrying.

  4. Look if you need it !!! get married....It should not stop you regardless if your broken wheelchair or able to move in someway but if your bed ridden or heart problems then it's a choice you make.

    My fathern law is a cancer patient has 2 shoulder and hip replacement had 4 children and still will work refusing to collect disability. ..So it's upto the individual but you must have some kind of income to live on unless she works too.

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