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Can you please explain about yom e ashoor ?

The Truth of Islam

The Truth of Islam

I read many articles about it but I have found variations and false additions to the event. Please tell about ahl e bayt as well. thanks

Lorelei Lee

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  1. Youm e Ashoor or the day of Ashoor is the day when one of the very beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad (saww) , Hussain (a.s) is martyred in the way of ALLAH swt in great sufferance and thirst. Hussain (a.s) was killed brutally on the 10 th of Muharram ul Haram which is the day of Ashoor.

    He was left without water and food for several days and then finally his head severed from his body in the searing heat at the time when the sun is at its peak on what is known as the plains of Karbala.

    It is considered in Islam as a day of greatest tragedy, sorrow and lamentation as it is when one of the true guardians and protectors of the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (saww) , Hussain (a.s) was tortured, mutilated and finally beheaded in trying to revive the deen(religion) of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (saww), the deen of Allah.

    The ahl - e - bayt if translated is "the people of the household". They are the family members of the Prophet Muhammad (saww) and were very dear and close to his heart. Prophet Muhammad (saww), his daughter Fatimah and her husband Ali (a.s) and their progeny Hasan(a.s) and Hussain(a.s), may peace, blessings and salams be upon them all, are the 5 holy souls that are the backbone of the ahl - e - byt. The 5 true, holy and virtous souls who were truly dedicated and committed to the cause of Allah and the Holy Prophet's tradition (sunnah). They have a very exalted status in front of ALLAH swt and hold a high station in the Heavens as well as on Earth. The ahl - e - bayt also includes all the progeny who followed from Hussain (a.s) and Hasan (a.s). Hussain(a.s) and Hasan(a.s) are the youthful princes of paradise and their father Ali (a.s) is the guardian of Kauthar (the river that flows in Paradise).

    It is known via documented events and facts through out the Islamic world that the ahl - e - bayt have sacrificed a lot in the way of the deen Islam and the tradition of the Holy Prophet in order to safeguard it.

    • I have allowed this comment to be published just so people can understand the Shiah viewpoint. However, others should be aware that this comment represents the Shiah "party line" so to speak, and is inaccurate and incomplete in some ways.

      Wael Editor

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    I'm not a scholar, so if I'm wrong I hope that someone will correct me and that my errors will be forgiven, inshaAllah.

    My understanding of the day of Ashura (the day of Ashoor) is that it is a day of fasting, commemorating when the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and the Children of Israel were saved from oppression in Egypt. It's reported that Musa (peace be upon him) fasted on this day in gratitude. Some records suggest that this was an obligatory fast before the fasting of Ramadan became obligatory, at which point it became an optional fast. Fasting on this day is reported to expiate a person's (minor?) sins of the past year.

    The term Ahl e bayt is used to refer to the family of The Prophet (peace be upon him). My understanding is that while we should love and respect them, we should not engage in practices such as asking them to intercede for us (which some people do, similarly to how some Christians ask their saints to intercede for them).

    I apologise if I have made errors - as I said, I'm not a scholar. I'd recommend that you speak with a reputable scholar in order to gain reliable knowledge on these matters. Your local mosque should be able to put you in contact with someone knowledgeable who can inshaAllah help you more?

    Midnightmoon editor

    • You ask your parents, teachers, freinds to pray for you? You Religious Bodies to pray for you? Won't Allah Listen to you?
      Sons of Hazrat Yaqoob a.s asked him pray so that their sins may be forgiven?(Sura Yousuf) Couldn't they repent themselves?
      Allah says in Quran: O'Prophet those who commited sins etc, if they come to you ask for forgiveness and you also pray for them then surely they will find Allah a Forgiver? Isn't it bad to inform someone of your sins so that he may pray for you?
      Deen is not so simple, you need to ponder and understand it by valid sources.
      We believe upon every Prophet, their teaching, guidance and shariah. If there's similarity at one place in christianity and Islam then go with it. You may only anull those teachings in other religions that are against Islam! That's It

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