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I cannot stop my lust for her

Man staring, looking


There is a woman in my acquaintance, whenever i see her i feel lust for her.

i have tried all possible ways to stop it... but once i get to look her, i am unable to lower my gaze, and it leads me to masturbate....

i know it is haraam in islam bt i am helpless...

please advice me wot to do...?...:-(

- Falcon

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  1. Assalam Alaikum


    Allah did not pose restrictions on any thing which a person cannot do.

    Brother Allah restricted only those thing which a person can comply.

    So, please you think that every thing which Allah restricted can be abide.

  2. Brother,

    I will tell you simple way to get rid of this sinful thing,

    "Whenever you see her just turn your sight and close your eyes for a while and then remember Allah by reciting

    Do this for some days INSHALLAH you will get rid of that Dirty and sinful deed.

  3. 1. Fast
    2. Stop watching TV , looking at things you shouldn't look at
    3.Lower your gaze.
    4. You are responsible for your bad deeds.
    5. stop contacting this girl you know its haram. As harsh as this may sound you need to learn to mange self-control
    6. Do more Iba'dah and focus on school/college/university work.

  4. I am new to this Website,

    If want me not to visit this Website just say me i won't use it

    • Abdul Razzak, you are welcome here. We are happy to receive comments from anyone who is kind and well intentioned.

      Wael Editor

      • Assalam alaikum bro,

        I love this site bro

        But how it seems when a girl is responding to Question post by a man which is Men's talk,

        • Abdul Razzak, it's not a specifically male issue. Some woman struggle with the same thing (controlling the gaze, etc).


  5. Assalamo-alaikum dear bro n sis.....
    Masha-Allah now i am able to lower my gaze wen i luk at her....
    bt i am very much disturbed by her memories in my mind....please tell me how to eliminate those memories....they make me restless and leads me to masturbate.....please help me out....:'-(

  6. Dear brother, when you see this girl,try to think if this was your daughter,your sister,your mother,your wife! How would you feel if some man was lusting after them and then masterbating.

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