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I can’t concentrate in prayers


Assalamu allaikum,

I have turned myself to Allah. I have stopped all the messed up things I used to do to girls- I don't look into girls' faces. I'm avoiding them.  It took time, but I did it.  Alhamdulillah.

I always think about Allah. I had a habit of talking to myself. I just turned that around and noq I talk to Allah before I do anything. I have also started to learn Dua's and getting on to Qur'an.

The problem I'm currently facing is that I'm not able to concentrate in my prayer. I get different issues in my mind. Sometimes it's movie scenes, or anything which just happened earlier, or about my tensions.



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  1. Assalamu alaikum first of all i would like to congratulate you for turning towards Allah with all the realization of your mistakes,and true repentance ma sha Allah brother ...

    Like you said u stopped looking at women ,and avoiding all wrong things it is a sign of strong emaan ! You are lucky one who feels the sweetness of emaan while still there r thousand of people whose hearts become like stone and hard! they doesnt feel bad after commiting sins
    But Allah has chosen you for his mercy " None can misguide whom Allah has chosen to guide "and u r completely on the right track

    To be attentive in your prayers ..what u need to do is to learn the meaning of quranic surahs,and duas which u recites in your prayers by this way u will b able to concentrate more in your prayers & you will feel these quranic ayahs in your heart becoz then u would know what u are reciting and talking with Allah swt.
    2. Always remind yourself that you are talking to the king of this whole universe,Lord of the heaven
    and u need to present yourself in the best of manner to the lord of the heaven ,Ever-living one ..
    3. Have u noticed when u have your important exam or presentation in school & college ..u keep revising your speech and keep practising so that it comes out in front of listeners in the perfect manner and then evryone will praise you.... Apply this logic in your prayers ! So Remember in your salah and in your prayers you are standing in front of the lord of the Alameen who created you and this whole world then how can we allow others things to comes into our mind when we are in the most important meeting with our Allah our creater how can we afford to b nothing less than perfect ! Hope for his rewards and blessings ! In sha Allah you will notice change in your salah .....
    P.S - i would suggest 1st u learn and memorize all the quranic duas and salahs action meanings like what we recites in sujood,rukoo ,while standing up or sitting down,meaning of sana ,surah fatiha and all 🙂

  2. Brother I know a little that is Shaitan is trying to keep you away from going towards God (Pray - the most important thing). Pls. read as much as you can AYAT AL QURSI - AYAT AL QURSI will keep yourself from Shaitan.

    Pls. pray for me Also. I do pray for you brother - God help you - you are lucky you have realized your mistake/s. Now you are on right track - Do not leave pray/s - God will ONE DAY help you to concentrate more on salat.


  3. It is hard to concentrate when your mind is full of tensions.With practice you were able to change your behavior towards women (not looking at their facse).

    With determination you will get better at concentration during prayer.

  4. Bro MashaAllah n Alhamdulillah you repented to Allah SubhanoTala... inshaAllah he will shower his mercy upon u n protect u from evils n shaitaan.

    You have to put little more effort bro for concentration in your prayers. As above our other brothers have suggested + one additional point which helps me a lot for concentration in prayers. Keep listening Quran Kareem n its translations which will help you to standards what Allah SWT is ordering us. You will know what r dos n don'ts. When you keep listening and understand it you will get a strong bonding with it which inshaAllah help you to concentrate in your prayers n implement the Quran in your day to day life.

  5. I know this is a very normal thing.

    For me what helps is understanding what I am saying.

    Know the meaning of every single word you utter and it will make a huge difference. Don't just go throught it quickly, say it in arabic pause, then translate it in your head and them move on to the next line.

    Also, I like to recite out loud. If I am having a hard time, I say it in a loud whisper so I can hear myself recite and not my annoying thoughts!

    Look up and research how to improve Khushu...which means concentration and I am sure you will find plenty of other ideas!

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